Catacomb Resident Blog

Prepare for Doom

28 October 2021

Let's be clear: I'm nobody. That's part of the reason for anonymity. It's not about me, but the message. Forget the pseudonym. Pay attention to the message. If it calls your name, be ready to walk the steep narrow path.

I'm not selling anything and there is no club to join. I have nothing to gain if you take my message seriously, and nothing to lose if you ignore me. This nobody has visions. Call me a madman if you can, but if the message pulls at you, then don't ignore this word: Civilization will be destroyed soon. People alive today will see it happen. You cannot imagine God's wrath, the massive ocean of anger stored up for sins. This will be like the day of Noah again. It's coming.

Everything you see around you will be gone. Perhaps not all of the physical structures, but the electrical grid will be gone, and the whole system of economic activity that builds and feeds the lifestyle we have now will be a dim memory. It will be like some of the video games and movies depicting a collapse of civilization, only worse. And it doesn't require a nuclear war to make it like that. God will do it Himself through natural means.

Do you realize how unstable this earth is? Have you not heard how the sun could wipe it all out in a day? Even the very human scientific studies can see that we are quite near a small nova in our sun. And on the way to that nova, the earth shall be lashed with at least one massive CME as the sun starts getting ready to throw off the accumulation of excess interstellar dust what is already washing over it. The magnetic poles of earth will shift, and the crust will rattle and shake. These things are coming, and civilization will end. But human life will not be extinguished -- not this time.

If there was ever a time to call people back to the ancient mystical ways of otherworldly focus, this is it. All the problems you see before you today will pale in comparison. The only thing you'll get to keep is what is inside of you. The only possessions that are truly valuable are your capabilities in the face of civilization's end. It requires the proper orientation of your soul. This is the best time to learn not to care about this life and the things that belong to it.

Noah prophesied for a very long time -- years -- so you can bet his audience got tired of hearing it. I don't have a clear word from God on the date. It's not that kind of warning. What I'm calling for is the same kind of holiness we should have regardless of the situation. The message would be the same right after the worst of the catastrophes have passed. It's always been the same message right in the middle when things were going so very well for humanity.

Don't be a fool. This world is ephemeral and life is fragile. We are constrained from reaching any of the human ambitions by the mere fact that this world is a lie. We are fallen and our reality is all shadows and mists. This reality is slated for destruction when Christ returns. Now, this is not the time of His return, but just another day like the day of Noah. It's part of the long cycle God designed into His Creation. But there will come a final destruction, so never buy into the lie that this world can be made better.

Don't waste time trying to make the world a better place. That's not in human hands; it's in God's hands, and He's already said it won't happen. Set your compass on another realm of existence. We have a job to do here in this life and our reward is going Home to another. Everything in God's Law points to that. Obey His Word and set your feet on the path back to Eden.

This document is public domain; spread the message.