Catacomb Resident Blog

Days of Noah, Part 2

19 November 2021

As always, test my words against your own convictions. If the Spirit of God does not witness to my message, ignore me. I'm not going to work too hard at offering reasonable proof, but will aim to provoke your faith.

God has not yet revealed precisely why He's about to unleash a micro-nova and destroy civilization. As we get closer to it, you can count on Him to make it more obvious. Still, we can estimate something about it. Just as it was with Noah's Flood, it will have multiple causes. The judgments pronounced in Genesis 6 prior to the Flood are not precise; the Hebrew in that passage is not meant to be taken with legal precision, but with the kind of nebulous wording and verbal imagery that only a heart-borne conviction can grasp. You are meant to look into the mirror of your own soul and hope that kind of moral depravity doesn't rear its ugly head there.

But if you refresh your reading of Genesis 6:1-13, it will sound familiar to what is going on in our world today. It involves not just poking around in things that God has declared off-limits to the human race on any terms. The real issue is the dilution of faith and the message of the Flaming Sword at the Gate of Eden. When human depravity as a whole reaches a certain level, it becomes intolerant for Him in pretty much the same sense as it was in the days of Noah.

We can be pretty sure that the Flood was one of the results from a cyclical micro-nova. Since that event made changes in some basic structure of the planet (permanently shifting a major portion of the global water supply to the surface), the focus of things won't be as much on flooding, but will include more fire. Instead of a boat, we'll need to look at fireproofing, maybe like living underground.

Still, if you stand within the Covenant boundaries and walk in a heart-borne wisdom, your humbled and disciplined intellect can discern some probabilities. My convictions suggest that we are dangerously close to a cultural and technological milieu that threatens to silence the gospel message altogether. Since that would be a true moral disaster for mankind, the Lord will destroy the foundations upon which this threat stands. Wiping out civilization will throw humanity back into a primitive state in which the gospel can be preserved and more clearly heard. Some of His children have provoked Him by consorting too much with the idolatries of the flesh, rather like the "sons of God" marrying up with "daughters of men". It undermines a faith orientation.

Thus, the goal of my message is to rebuild a cultural orientation on serving the Lord without all the reliance on technology and the underlying primacy of facts over moral truth. We are not making progress toward paradise; we are getting farther and farther from the Gate of Eden. The Sons of Cain are running far away from Eden, and there aren't enough Sons of Seth staying close to the Flaming Sword. I'm not against science; I'm against the notion that everything that matters can be established scientifically. What science can tell you isn't all that important against the moral truth of living by the Covenant. Yes, I know that will raise some hackles, but it's what the Bible says.

Knowing all mysteries in this world won't help you find peace with the Creator. Human capabilities can only go so far. A troglodyte with faith will go to Heaven, and a genius with all knowledge and no faith is going to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. The value system of Christ is that this world isn't worth that much trouble in the first place, since He'll come back to wipe it all away some day. Did you notice that people He healed still got old and died eventually? Mortality is a hard limit that should call you to consider what comes after you die.

I know I'm not working alone on this, but I'm going to work as hard as if I don't have too many allies. The whole point of all this blather is to provoke others to walk in this same shift in values. From where I stand, there is a desperate need to raise up this Covenant awareness before the disaster of God's wrath strikes fully. This faith is what will carry through those who survive. Out on the other side, we need to provoke faith and the heart-borne life of conviction to restore what God has in mind for the next stage of human history. We don't have to estimate what's on the other side; we need to have faith regardless of what it's like.

This is the mission of all Christians until the Lord decides it's all over. Even if this is The End, the burden on us doesn't change. All I'm doing is trying to offer a frame of motivation for the flesh to knuckle under the heart and stay the course. All human striving is chasing the wind, but obedience to the Covenant is an eternal treasure in God's heart.

This document is public domain; spread the message.