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No Rules

18 January 2022

An ideal is just that -- an ideal. It's not meant to be executed, as if by iron will or anything like that. In Scripture, the approximation of the concept for an ideal is a vision, something that stands as the shining perfection of God. You don't go there; you are supposed to spend your whole life aiming at it, knowing you won't get there until after this life is over. If anything, it is God who grants the measured realization of those visions. He fulfills the visions on His own and invites us to participate.

We are just along for the ride.

When I receive a vision from God, it comes with the assurance in my convictions that I cannot get there. When I share a vision from God on this blog, you should know I'm not proposing an actual execution. If I stand up the image of an off-grid covenant community separated from our damned secular society, it's not as if I'm proposing that you go all cult-like and head off into the wilderness somewhere. It is intentionally offered with insufficient detail to prevent that kind of thing. I don't offer a recipe, just a vision.

That's what the folks at Radix Fidem mean when they talk about "meta-religion" -- it's not a religion in itself. You are supposed to build your own religion based on some general guidelines. Thus, you build your own community of faith with all the necessary practical compromises you must make for your context. It's not a compromise in faith; you still must walk by your convictions. Rather, it's a contextual obedience to your own convictions as the Lord guides you. Nobody presumes to lay out all the details for you; that's between you and the Lord.

The whole point of a meta-religion is to teach you how to hear from God. I don't want to push my answers into your life. I want you to find the language and protocols for facing God on your own. This whole Radix Fidem thing is a proposal to roll back the lies of Western Civilization so that you can rediscover what God did for His people before the West came into existence. All we are doing is cleansing the rot and starting from a clean slate. That's what the term "Radix Fidem" means; it's Latin for "root of faith". It's radical, from the root word radix and means getting back to the root of things. Root for the root words about roots.

If all this blog can do is provoke more people to pay attention to their own convictions, it won't matter if you ignore the rest of what I have to say. The Radix Fidem way is just one approach, offered for those who can't quite find their own path. And if you find your own path later, and it takes you away from Radix Fidem, God bless you and keep on truckin'.

Granted, this blog emphasizes a radical individual faith in convictions. I hold up community living as a vision for what comes after tribulation and wrath have taken a big bite out of the general sense of false stability that blinds humanity. Thus, I'll push a very individual sense of faith and conviction, as if you were going to face a near total lack of support from other people. That's how this community stuff gets started. You forge ahead in faith and conviction; it's inevitable that others will eventually want a piece of that.

I'm much more interested in helping you be ready to handle those drawn to a powerful faith. What you end up doing with them as a covenant community is between you, them and the Lord. This is about the path by which you get there, not where it takes you. I'm not offering a map, but teaching you how to explore and draw your own map. This is all about the skill of mapping itself.

Divine visions work like that. It is your duty to breathe life into it. The question is how to do that, not the results. So, on the one hand, I'll offer detailed critiques of what has failed, hoping you'll learn to identify why it's wrong. On the other hand, the whole question of what's right rests on the process of rediscovering what God intended in the first place, not the results.

I'm going to tell you that God is actively destroying what's wrong. I want you to be able to tag evil as evil and let it go, not expecting God to protect that stuff, not panicking when it dissolves. I'll point out a general direction where righteousness lies and let you explore it for yourself. You have no use for mine, and I have no use for yours, except as we compare notes in terms of how God works.

For every one of us who knows for certain what God requires of us individually, there will be a significant number of folks you encounter who need your certitude (AKA, faith). They'll follow your choices, at least for a while, because you are somewhere along the same path ahead of them. You are the pioneer for them. And for those who read this blog, I'm nothing more than a pioneer in front of you. What's left is learning how to build whatever is necessary when you get where you are going.

This document is public domain; spread the message.