Catacomb Resident Blog

New Normal Isn't Normal

13 May 2022

Do you feel the panic in the air?

It's everywhere. The globalist plans against Russia are crumbling. The political game here in the US is getting more fractured and insane by the minute. The markets are tumbling; crypto-currencies are plummeting.

Human explanations won't suffice. I'm hardly the only person who has warned for years that this tribulation will come with demons set loose to provoke madness on a scale never seen before. If you manage to stand aloof from it all, you will be amazed at the inexplicable choices people make.

Oh, and just for added measure, CMEs and solar flares will also provoke significant neural disruption in both man and beast. Those things will cause confusion and sometimes it leaves the victims stunned and limp. It will aggravate almost all medical conditions.

As long as you are aware it's coming, you won't be caught off guard. This is the new normal. Don't panic. Keep your eyes on the mission calling. If there is ever a time we need to double down on our commitment to the Covenant and conviction, this is it.

This document is public domain; spread the message.