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Economic Mechanics

14 May 2022

When I studied economics, I despaired of finding any professors or writers who both understood that stuff and were able to put it where you could understand it with them. On rare occasions I've run across those who were able, and they are worth the attention. I'll admit that my understanding is limited, but I try very hard to explain things where people can understand. Naturally, I never expected anyone to promote biblical values, but I was just trying to understand the mechanics.

If you want to read a good explainer of the mechanics in economics, try Michael Hudson. While it's still a western model of economics, he opens the door to the mechanics so you can evaluate things from a biblical model.

Here's a simplified version of what I got from the linked article: Western economics is based on a financial elite who control everything via their grip on government policy. Indeed, you might as well say they are the government. This is not news, but Hudson is able to describe them in terms that breathes life into the image. Historically, a portion of those who colonized North America were seeking to escape their own western feudal elite. While in England and Europe, these future colonists could see that, with the feudal lords scraping off abusive rents, they could not compete on the world market with their manufactured goods.

Thus, they hoped they could bring industrialization to the Americas and build a better system that didn't see their margins so inflated by the rent-swilling lords. At some point (Hudson points to the Civil War), a new class of lords arose here and the US ended up being the mother of all rent-seizing abusers. Everything the US has done was purely for the sake of granting those elites power over the resources of the whole world. An example is the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, functioning as an arm of the US Deep State, exists solely to keep other countries from developing and growing their own crops. They are taught to raise cash crops for export and buy their food from the US.

The whole point is to ensure nobody rises to compete with the West. It guarantees that 3rd World countries will always be 3rd World. Tie them up with debt and then take over their economies via proxies. Never allow them to be independent economically.

At some point, the post-Soviet Russians got tired of this and cut us off. They began developing their economic resources for their own people's welfare. That's what set the West against Russia. And China is also taking a different path, refusing to be subservient to our globalist financial elite. Meanwhile, our globalist elite have already published their intent to partition both Russia and China into more convenient regions in order to dominate them.

In a certain sense, all of the political instability and economic malaise in the world is the fault of the US globalist financial elites. We didn't make them undeveloped, but we guaranteed they could never develop, even if they eventually learned how.

The western financiers have confiscated all of the Russian dollar/euro accounts. Russia's recent decision to sell their petroleum only in rubles is simply the best way to prevent the western financiers from seizing any more dollars and euros owned by Russia. And it's working; the ruble is higher against the dollar than ever before. Russia isn't going broke and isn't destabilizing at all; it's improving while our economy goes down the tubes. Do you know that Russian groceries are cheaper than ours, and they have no shortages on anything except some imports? Yes, the Chinese are watching this whole thing, and making their plans accordingly.

The greatest weapon the West had -- sanctions and bans -- is now useless. That leaves only military weapons. The marvelous public relations weapons in the West deceive only their own slaves, and nobody on the enemy side pays any attention. Meanwhile, since the West confiscated Russian bank deposits, the Russians have seized all the physical assets in Russia owned by westerners. Russia came out long on this deal. Thus, you see how very well thought out this whole war against Russia thing has been. And at the same time, all the other countries in the world are seeing this. How much longer will the IMF be able to keep them enslaved to debt? The US might as well be insolvent, completely unable to pay off the interest on any of the treasury bonds these countries were forced to buy.

Pay attention to national leaders in these other countries. Those who cling to the West and are harsh with Russia are fully owned by the US financier elites. This summer we should expect to see a hard economic crush on everyone globally, particularly those not cooperating with Russia and China. Those who keep paying their debts to the US are countries run by servants of the US. Those who default and start trying to take care of their people are at risk of some kind of military action, they've been told. Still, if you can find out, keep an eye on who moves their gold and dollar assets back home. The US in particular is going to have fewer and fewer friends over the course of these next few months.

Okay folks, let's see if we can nail this down. The Bible says economics and government are supposed to be eastern feudal. That means that capitalism -- real or imagined -- is evil. It's too materialistic and favors the elites. But socialism/communism is even worse, because it is far more materialistic. You won't get that from Hudson, but you get it from the Bible. So, it's not his value system that we should embrace, but his understanding of the mechanics.

This document is public domain; spread the message.