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Covenant Solutions: Baby Formula

15 May 2022

Baby formula shortage? Here's a secret: The supply shortage is mostly artificial. It's the result of regulation and distribution systems. The biggest boondoggle is WIC contracting. It's time to slip the leash.

Among dissenters it has been widely known that elite financiers were the true rulers in the West, and the US in particular. They have long allowed lackeys in the US government to serve as their proxies, but the banking moguls always got what they wanted. The government officials only imagine that they are the real government. It's been that way since at least the Civil War; it was the basic reason for the Civil War, propaganda notwithstanding.

It should therefore surprise no one that just about every crisis in the US is their doing. That includes the baby formula shortage. I rather like the summary of the situation provided here. It tells the dark tale of oligopoly control of the regulation system so that only the wealthiest of financiers can enter the market in the first place.

Look, it's not that hard to run a search engine that points out formulas you can make at home. If you get lost, try Weston Price. It's complicated, and there are simpler ones out there. I'm not a connoisseur of this stuff, but I do know a relative who, back in the 1970s, raised a child on something cooked up by Adele Davis in her book, Let's Have Healthy Children. You can still get copies online. I seem to recall the issue with my relatives was colic, and they substituted acidophilus milk (basically milk with yogurt culture) that was easy to get back then. It worked for them.

If mother can't produce milk for the baby, then you will have to study the situation and make the most of it. The first baby formulas doctors prescribed were simply cow's milk and Karo syrup. Things have come a long way and you'll get hammered with propaganda that you shouldn't go this route, but that's precisely what you should expect from a market controlled by the banking lords. It's time to declare your independence from evil men and serve the one true Lord of Life.

This is a good time to start talking about private groups of people forming clubs to make stuff for their own use. That way you can share the burden and expense. Yes, that's exactly like a biblical church, isn't it? A group of people covenanting together to care for each other -- we need a lot more of that in our world.

This document is public domain; spread the message.