Catacomb Resident Blog

Think about a War

17 May 2022

I take it for granted that our government will drag us into war with Russia. That's the will of the elite financiers. We should be very surprised if it does not happen.

Think about what comes with that. Consider what you buy and use that is manufactured in some other country. Imports from Canada and Mexico might continue without trouble, but anything that crosses the ocean is likely to stop during a war. Since this is at its core an economic war, shipping is the first thing likely to become a target of enemy action.

Thus, anything that wears out and/or breaks will be irreplaceable. Work-arounds exist for some things, but in many cases, it means doing without. You'll be able to eat, most likely, but almost everything else is sourced overseas. Think about how much of your life relies on stuff manufactured elsewhere -- electronic circuitry, anything that includes rare earth minerals, batteries, etc. It would take years to rebuild that kind of industry. We can restart a clothing industry, but it will take time, and the products will be far more expensive than now.

You should bet on things not returning to what they have been. It won't matter who actually wins such a war. It won't be a quick war, so the disruptions will become permanent in most cases. There's no way we can avoid dragging China into this as an enemy, so with the West versus Russia and China, this is going to change the world forever. They won't surrender under any terms, not now.

If it appears that we can overpower Russia with conventional warfare, she will go nuclear. China can beat us by herself, but if we push her farther into the arms of Russia, they can walk all over us together. Keep in mind, the real issue here is economics, and all these governments understand this. They all know that the US is intent on taking over the world, and will enslave everyone to the will of the financier elite.

This is just part of the tribulation and apocalypse we should have expected all along.

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