Catacomb Resident Blog

Eternity Together

18 May 2022

We need to understand the biblical logic. On the one hand, this life is not precious. We seek release from this world; it is gained by obedience to the Covenant. You can leave a lot of other ways, but our goal is to gain a graduation to the next life. Being inside the Covenant makes all the difference.

On the other hand, life should not be cheaply sold. It should be invested in a very healthy return in terms of divine glory. That's the only thing that matters. Everything else is just cheap filler. And it is the Lord alone who decides what His glory means, so we each must operate by conviction to find it. Life is a resource exchanged for His glory, or it is wasted.

A primary element in His glory has always been regarding people as the treasure. There are no useless lives. They are waiting for Eternity to show their true value. Every one of them is a potential jewel in the eternal crown. It is the act of caring and nurturing that shines His light in this world. His fame is that His people dearly love each other, in that they are able to sacrifice the things of this world -- time, resources, concern -- for each other. It is frankly hostile to the typical human evaluation.

Put all of that into one package. It calls for a radically different value system, one that should become obvious to outsiders. This is our witness, our shalom. It's not a question of what we are or what we do, but who we are in this world.

The hardest part of this is accepting the boundaries of who we are. We are not God; we cannot compel people to receive compassion. We can only offer it and use it where it's accepted. Attempts to manipulate will only result in sorrow. Only the Lord can break through to change who they are inside. This is why all those nifty plans of "salvation" as part of Decision Theology are from Hell. It's a diversion, the pursuit of something that does not exist. We don't want customers in an entrepreneurial body; we want souls changed by the Holy Spirit.

The Covenant code of conduct portrays the path we must take in order to do things God's way. If you get hung up on results, then know that the results He wants can come only from His revealed guidance. We are thrown back onto the means, not the ends. Do it His way, regardless of the results you can perceive. You aren't the one judging how it turns out. If you can understand it, then it isn't worthy.

It's not necessary to have a prophetic gift to realize that our Father is destroying the US government as a political entity. The Word clearly warns that America is exactly the kind of thing God throws down from time to time. That time is coming soon. All of the political noise is just noise. All the strategizing and money spent on publicity won't make any real difference; it only changes the flavor of our misery. Elections are just a big lie in themselves. We can understand politics, so it's of no significance to the Kingdom of the Covenant.

Stop investing in systems that exist only to fail. Invest in a kingdom of hearts. Do you understand that this is the picture in words Paul drew in Ephesians 1:1-14? Our inheritance is the Covenant and the souls belonging to it. We belong to an "administration suitable to the fullness of times" that treasures things in the heart. It's a kingdom that is rooted in Eternity, and is only somewhat manifested in this world. It's only true manifestation is the Covenant. It's treasure is the people.

Our inheritance is eternity together.

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