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Just Another Animal Attack

20 May 2022

I will not tell you that racism is not a problem, but that common solutions are inherently evil.

The word "racism" is meaningless; it's a propaganda term thrown around to stir passions. Racial consciousness, and the normal human tendency to distinguish between people of different races, is not inherently sinful. It's wired in as part of the Curse of the Fall, but the existence of racial differences in themselves is a fact of life. There are areas of life where it should not make a difference, but the one and only way to put things in their proper place is within the Covenant.

Whatever it is that people normally propose as solutions to racism is the real sin. The assumption that racism is inherently evil is evil in itself. It is no different from the sins of race-based abuse. It's the hypersensitivity that is evil here. Man-made solutions will always fail. Trying to counter racism with compensatory measures is still racism. Racial tension is not resolved by more racial tension.

Dominance and abuse, the distinction between the insiders and outsiders, is built into this fallen existence. The notion that fallen humans can get themselves out of this situation is evil. It keeps you under Satan's dominion. The solution is always in the Covenant, and only in the Covenant. Don't read your human solutions back into the Covenant.

The Covenant presumes that you cannot avoid distinguishing between family and non-family. Under the Covenant, your family is anyone who is committed to the same Covenant. But more to the point, your family is the people around you already invested in your life. Normally that is limited to your blood kin, but Satan has worked hard over the centuries to fracture our tribal existence. And Jesus Himself recognized this by teaching how birth is involuntary, but the Covenant is voluntary. Families will be split when folks genuinely follow the Lord. Meanwhile, outsiders can become part of the Covenant family (see the Good Samaritan).

In other words, blood kinship is downplayed, because it's a relic of the Fall. It's what you fall back on without the Covenant. It's something that belongs in the animal kingdom; we weren't created with mortal bodies. As a consequence of the Fall, our eternal souls were stuffed into animal bodies. We have to deal with the very real problems associated with that. Redemption is in choosing divine revelation as the guide to dealing with those problems.

Getting people to raise their conscious awareness to a higher level than animals is a big job. You first have to realize that, just because we are the most highly evolved of animals, it does not make us superior except in animal terms. The higher human intellect is not what marks us as eternal. Being more effective and efficient is not the answer.

The divine answer to racism bears no resemblance to the orthodoxy of our day. Today's orthodoxy is still just an animal response. It's vindictive and seeks to tear down what someone else has gained on a human level. It's materialism writ large, petty envy and animal wrath. It's no different from the petty envy and materialism that allowed one race to dominate another.

You want a real solution? Let's talk about the Covenant. Otherwise, you remain on the Highway to Hell with all the evil that belongs to it. I have zero respect for the current social orthodoxy, and will treat it the same as any other animal attack.

This document is public domain; spread the message.