Catacomb Resident Blog

Looking Forward to It

23 May 2022

You will someday look upon a solar disaster with relief.

Notice how God operates in tribulation. Stop and think about the madness of what mankind does to its own. Do you not see how His plans to destroy civilization are itself a measure of grace? Being left to fend for ourselves from scratch would come as good news.

I also want you to notice how this is the same pattern as the Tower of Babel scenario. It's very hard to imagine what civilization was like prior to the written records. What we think we know about goes back only as far as about 4000 BC, and that's very sketchy as it is. Somewhere back there between that and Noah (supposedly about 6000 BC) was the Tower of Babel. Did it occur to you that the reason there's no record is because God wiped things out intentionally for His restart of human existence?

The Tower of Babel was a problem in that the unity of humanity in serving this one goal would hinder grace on the earth. Everyone living then was wrapped up in this demonic influence of what amounted to an ancient form of astrology, wherein people worshiped the stars in the sky as false idols. God's solution was to disperse humanity and force everyone to start from scratch with highly varied tribal cultural islands. In other words, God demands decentralization and variation.

Well, here we are almost back at the Tower of Babel again, with class of modern day Nimrods demanding that we all serve their peculiar deities and build their massive towers of worship, in a sense. And God's preparing once again to destroy what makes it possible to drag mankind into one culture and religion. He's going to do something that makes civilization impossible, in that civilization is what makes it possible for people to live in highly concentrated communities.

When the electricity grid fails and civilization crumbles under the assault of a massive CME that incinerates the distribution equipment, we'll all be forced to abandon the cities and get out into places where we can all provide for ourselves. Yes, there will be a massive die-off of humans, a population reduction. It's not a matter that God agrees with the high priests of population reduction, but that it's just the necessary result of removing the foundation of civilization.

And if you happen to survive all of this, maybe you'll understand that God has done this for your own good. Throughout human history on this planet, civilizations have risen and fallen, in part because they are no more than a human substitute for the Covenant. It's mankind striving to get back into the Garden of Eden without using the gate that God provides. Sorry folks; you can't bypass that Flaming Sword of divine revelation.

Everything mankind does outside of the Covenant aims to seize the blessings of the Covenant without submission to the Creator.

This document is public domain; spread the message.