Catacomb Resident Blog

Not a Cult

24 May 2022

What I promote here is not an organization, just a different approach to faith.

To my regular readers: This is not so much for you as for outsiders. The whole point of this post is to offer some kind of statement that would forestall false accusations. Anyone who wants to examine the details will find it self-evident that there is no cult and nobody here is a cult leader.

I work alongside the Radix Fidem community; these people are not a cult. Nobody has any control over anyone else. The leaders avoid telling anyone what to do; they make broadly generalized suggestions and leave it at that. Specific decisions are left to the individuals and their convictions. No one has ever been told to leave the group; a few have disappeared on their own volition. The whole approach is to get people to think differently about the problems we all face. Nobody divulges anything they don't want to talk about. Nobody is excoriated for being "unspiritual" or "undisciplined" as leverage to persuade them to make any particular choice.

On the other hand, we openly condemn the common social model of the world around us. We provide the biblical model, even as we refuse to lay down specifics. We are trying to get people to reconsider how they do their own religion, but no one is exercising specific controls over anyone else. You are supposed to come up with your own answers, your own religion. The whole thing remains in your hands.

Indeed, that's the primary frustration for some of the folks who have come asking questions. There is no formula to follow, no specific rules. We won't tell you what you need to do; it's never going to be that simple. You must do your own work and make your own decisions. It's voluntary all the way. Nobody is going to try to get you dependent and so wrapped up socially that you'll feel devastated if you have to leave the fellowship.

It's just a tiny group of us that have felt drawn together like family. None of the forum members have seen each other face to face, except for a trio who come from the same family. The rest of us have never met in human space. We would love to, and are praying that the Lord will allow it, but on those grounds alone you could not regard Radix Fidem as a cult. The whole idea is not to lead you, but to encourage members to take the lead.

We are most certainly unorthodox, though. We have not been well served by the mainstream system of religion. Maybe we are all weirdos who don't belong anywhere; that's fine. We seek peace with God and haven't found it where everyone else finds it. By no means do we propose taking over the existing system. We will let folks continue on their chosen religious path in peace, except if they attempt to attack us. Even then, our response is unlikely to be in kind. We aren't interested in changing anyone's mind. We seek only to assist those already convinced they need something different.

Feel free to stay in your current church. Keep your money; there's no way you can get wrapped up in what we are doing because we aren't doing anything except talking. There's no cult leader seeking your reverence. We'd rather you stand on your own in the first place. Don't treat me like a leader. All I hope for is that you might consider what I suggest about how to approach religion. As the folks at Radix Fidem will tell you, it's not a religion. It's just an approach to religion. It's a meta-religion -- a religious study of how to do faith. The community forum is just a way for those who want some fellowship to find kindred spirits.

This document is public domain; spread the message.