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What We Can Say about Marriage 01

25 May 2022

Feminism is a pagan idolatrous religion.

Nobody living in America remembers a world without feminism. That's because feminism was implicit in American culture all along. It's deeply embedded in western mythology; to be western is to be feminist. The mere existence of Mariolatry testifies to that; it arose after the Church leadership decided to embrace Germanic mythology as a political expedience. One crucial fact testifies: In the ancient Germanic culture, the blood price for a woman had always been twice the amount for a man of the same social rank. The reverence for females was built into the pagan background of the entire culture.

The West was born of that Germanic mythology married to the Greco-Roman Civilization; it was a church wedding. The institutional Church was the architect of this whole thing. The Church leadership felt threatened by the invasion of Germanic hordes into the collapsing Roman Empire, and decided the best way to face it was to compromise the historic teaching of the Church with Germanic mythology.

Don't get the idea that what the Church had up that point was true historic Christian faith. They had long since left that behind; the Church Councils beginning in about 300 AD were already a sharp departure from Hebrew Christian roots. The leadership had betrayed the Hebrew mystical orientation of Jesus and embraced the political expedience of paganizing influences, including Greek philosophy. The highly revered Augustine was, for example, more Greek than Hebrew in his teachings.

That was what had set the Church up for yet another round of philosophical compromises. And that was where Western Civilization comes from, a combination of Germanic pagan superstition and Greco-Roman pagan civilization. America was born from the final stage of advancement along that path, the Enlightenment. It was inherently feminist from the start, a sharp departure from the biblical Hebrew outlook, which is what Jesus taught.

So, any attempt to discuss things like how to deal with bad marriages is a long hard slog out of that swampy western morass of moral confusion back into the clarity and stability of the biblical Hebraic model. We cannot talk about what God wants from and for marriages until that journey has at least started. The common assumptions for the whole range of American subcultures are bound together in one thing: feminism. It may be buried from plain sight in some brands of American expectation, but it's still there. We cannot talk about what should be happening until we clearly establish what should not be happening.

Do you honestly expect American women to come down from their altars, where they command such idolization? They will not -- they cannot -- until the Holy Spirit moves in their hearts. Their expectations and a priori assumptions about reality will be all wrong. Embracing the Hebrew assumptions about life and reality is a tall order.

But, by the same token, we cannot expect men to understand the biblical model, either. They will read their angry and frustrated Germanic approach back into the Bible. They will demand things they learned from their cultural ancestors, as well, and it's just as wrong as those of the women. Western men do not natively understand the way the Bible views the whole issue of covenant marriage.

To make matters worse, this is a very bad time in history to be married. Unless you already have a good solid, Hebraic covenant marriage, you are on very unstable ground. The path back to Eden is long. It's made slower by the vast weight of lies people drag around for a very long part of that path. We can't talk about making marriages better, we cannot approach the topic of better understanding, until we make it clear what we cannot drag along with us.

To the degree you are western, you are feminist.

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