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What We Can Say about Marriage 02

26 May 2022

So, the next issue we must handle is differentiating feminism from biblical womanhood.

No, I'm not going to cover all the details; that would take books I don't have time to write. A part of it is already nicely done in the Red Pill blogs. I will stick with the main point here: feminist women don't act like biblical women. Most of what's wrong with secular society is rooted in that. Of course, western men are at fault for not seizing the responsibility for ending this madness. Men in a feminist society don't act like biblical men.

Maybe you've seen the recent report of covered up sexual abuse by Southern Baptist church leaders. I've seen that sort of thing first hand, so I'm telling you the report does not cover it all. The cover-up is the fault of how Southern Baptists do things, being utterly hypocritical about their claim to be a democratic institution. But the underlying problem of how they handled human sexuality is endemic to being western, not something specific to Baptists.

How people interact in a church organization is already all messed up regardless of the denomination, because all of them are western. Sexual peccadilloes are built into our western culture and social structure. God has outlined in His Word the only plan that can possibly work at all, and the West fights it.

Right away, you are going to face the feminist argument that they refuse to adhere to an older western image of womanhood, but it's a straw man argument. The image they raise is just the bad old days of primordial western culture, not the lifestyle in the Bible. We do not suggest that society should go backward to a previous time in the same culture, but to shift over into an entirely different social pattern.

My wife has all the influence and pampering feminists claim to want, but she gets it by not being feminist. God alone knows how, but she managed to escape the feminist prison. She doesn't worship herself as some kind of goddess. She doesn't suffer from solipsism; she doesn't always assume her desires are the best for everyone. She never assumes that she is morally superior to me. Instead, she assumes that her best hope in life is following my lead. Her mission in life is to support my mission calling. Marrying her was the smartest move I ever made.

We can't do much about society at large, but in a biblical church body, non-family males and females would never be alone together. Women would never be encouraged to flaunt themselves the way they do in churches today. There would be no separate youth activities, but all the young folks would be apprenticed to adults in adult activities. Kids are too easily confused about how they should act, particularly in matters of their own sexual development. Yes, I realize that would be one of the biggest, most dramatic changes, nearly impossible to pull off without seriously withdrawing from secular society. That's the whole point -- biblical men taking command of their social obligations would result in a radical shift in the way we do things.

It is our duty to the Lord as men to consider what the Word and our convictions demand, and implement those changes to the degree possible. Never allow any part of your family to join a foreign tribe until they are old enough to go off on their own. Don't allow women to form their own tribe and religion; they will be driven by demons to take over. Keep your kids from building their own social structure and values. Never allow these portions of your society to isolate; keep them close and involved in what God has commanded.

You cannot be a woman's covering unless she is genuinely dependent. You cannot let her decide things until she is fully committed to the mission of shalom. She has to understand that her instincts are designed to serve the moral vision of her husband, and must be subordinated, restrained from taking control over the household. She must become aware of her instinct to take shortcuts and grab the Forbidden Fruit, and how dangerous that is.

Men must also learn that they have flaws, and what they are. The biggest mistake we make is giving in to the feminine instincts instead of staying firm and keeping watch on the moral boundaries. We desperately need what women do, but only under our headship in the Lord. We must first be true to our own convictions. We must take this Covenant path with or without anyone else. Always leave the door open for them to join us later, but if we do not embrace the Covenant with a strong resolution, it will never happen.

This document is public domain; spread the message.