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What We Can Say about Marriage 03

27 May 2022

Having a covenant marriage right now would be a total miracle.

The current American context is viscerally opposed to living a Covenant life. If you become a Covenant man, you will gain a vast sense of burden about the work ahead of us. What would a genuine biblical covenant church body look like? How can you create a biblical marriage market? What kind of chore do we have no our hands? Most of you would have a herculean task just getting your spouses onboard.

That is one burden; we also have to come up with some kind of picture of what we can do for now. The tribulation that drives us into our virtual catacombs for true worship and fellowship is not conducive to starting biblical marriages. There are so few covenant people out there in the first place; how will you find a covenant spouse ready to marry?

And for those already married, what would it take to move your spouse to accept the Covenant in fullness? Here's the truth about my situation: While I wasn't fully cognizant of the Covenant in my youth, something pulled at my heart and I was conviction driven to some degree very early. I knew that my marriage would have to serve the Kingdom of the Messiah. I had a sense of mission before I went to college. I stumbled through a series of relationships that didn't meet God's standards until I found a worthy woman.

It was a miracle. It was an answer to prayer -- agonizing and persistent prayer. For whatever reason, the Lord granted my request. I did not pick her according to the Red Pill lore now so widely published across the Net. And I don't relate to her according to Red Pill lore today, not completely. The Red Pill stuff still misses the point too often, because it's still an artifact of Western Civilization. But I've ended up with a lifelong marriage, and whatever scars are on my soul, none come from my marriage.

Well, it's the same thing with turning a current spouse to the Covenant way. It will likely be a long, agonizing prayer mission first, and then you will reap the harvest. Either the Lord will turn them, or will drive them out of your life. And the rule about remarriage should not be taken as an absolute. God's Law has never been like that. Rather, it reflects something fundamental to the nature of things. If you do ever find a covenant spouse later, you will know that there is something you can never put back into place, something you would have had if your first marriage had been undefiled. You'll go on to build a biblical marriage despite that permanent loss. Only your convictions can tell you to proceed.

But all of this comes within the context of knowing this is not a good time in history for folks in general to get married. It's much better to stay single. Our generation needs to pay the heavy price upfront for starting the moral infrastructure of holiness. A true covenant community of faith is just barely possible, and the Lord will surely bring such miracles to life in our time. But they will be miracles, hardly automatic just because we want it. A covenant marriage is part of that miracle.

It's the sort of thing God has to decide He wants for His glory. Miracles don't line up with human need. Miracles proceed from the demands of His glory. He decides whether providing your needs will bring Him glory. It is quite certain that our suffering will bring Him glory, if we carry ourselves according to the Covenant. Be ready to suffer the worst; be thrilled and grateful when He provides something other than suffering.

Keep this in mind: The Red Pill lore sometimes approximates the Covenant, but it is not at all the same value system. Red Pill stuff remains by definition a western artifact. It will always be a western solution to a western problem. It can form a part of moving to a genuine Covenant orientation, but by itself is not quite there. The issue is not how we can have a satisfying romance in a western society. The issue is moving totally away from the West and into a moral universe the West cannot know.

Just becoming aware of the task is a miracle in itself.

This document is public domain; spread the message.