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God's Family

28 May 2022

Let me make some clarifications.

I am not pro-white. The European white background is particularly anti-Christian and has created an American identity that is pagan, but claims to be Christian. It's a false cover, a cheap dye job trying to make a monster look like a fluffy bunny. Whatever we might try to indicate with the term "white culture" or similar terms is something God will not miss when it fades away.

At the same time, we cannot simply make white people do what they cannot do. White DNA and cultural heritage militates against the kind of tribal organization that the Bible encourages. So, we have to rely on the Holy Spirit to fill in the blanks, to compensate for this weakness of the flesh. But we also must make white believers of northern European stock understand their natural weakness. They must understand that this is something only God can fix, but they also must understand it needs to be fixed. Whites are the worst ethnic group on the issue of unity and sacrificing for the covenant body.

We know that Jews will naturally fight hard to protect and promote their own ethnic group in ways whites never would. It's their advantage. They are fully committed, and their only priority in life is the Jewish people, against all others in the world. They may have learned to pretend, to salute flags of host nations, but their only true loyalty is to their own kind. And while it's only their elite thinkers who really understand this, for the most part, they insure the rest of their tribe are conditioned to promote things beneficial to Jews alone, even if they don't see it in those terms. We need to be aware of this.

If we accept for the moment the alleged meaning of "anti-Semite" then I am one. Of course, the actual meaning of the term is anyone Jews don't like. I don't care a whit what they think of me; they are wrong about everything. It's not that I hate Jews (however you define the label "Jew"), but that I am utterly certain they are the single biggest proximate threat to the Covenant gospel in this world. Thus, I never trust them. As a group, they are inherently deceptive. The problem for them is that they are deceptive to each other, but nowhere nearly as deceptive as they are to Gentiles. Throughout history, since Rome kicked them out of Jerusalem, they have inserted themselves into the confidence of movers and shakers in western government. They are a threat to everyone who isn't Jewish, but we are most concerned about how they threaten the gospel.

I remain utterly certain that God has given them into Satan's hand as his special nation on this earth. To be Jewish is to be Satanic; any other definition misses the point. We have an awful lot of people who do not understand how Satan works in this world. It's not as if he doesn't use other people, but the Jews are a critical asset in his work of keeping the Elect deceived about their Covenant heritage.

Jews are necessary to Satan's mission, but it would be sheer stupidity to blame every evil in this world on them. They are not sufficient by themselves to do all his work. Stop spewing the blanket accusations. This has nothing to do with whether Satan's Gentile servants are their allies; that's purely incidental. Satan has a lot of Gentile assets that do things Jews cannot or will not, and you need to see the difference. Keep your accusations accurate with historical evidence, not vague associations.

However, we really need to unwind something here: Whatever it is Jews imagine is their driving imperative, it does not reflect the core of what Satan does. Rather, it serves his purpose broadly. On the one hand, we do need to distinguish between religious Jews of Judaism versus the secular Jews. On the other hand, what really makes Jews so useful to Satan is their common imperatives, their insistence on seeking their own ethnic advantage in all contexts. They seek their own vision of paradise in this fallen world. Meanwhile, they use visions of worldly paradise as bait to sucker the Gentiles into rejecting the otherworldly nature of the gospel.

For whatever reason, religious or secular, Jews remain utterly certain that they are God's Chosen. They are convinced that Gentiles exist only to serve their advantage. Yes, it's possible to find individuals who don't consciously embrace that prime directive, but this assessment does color Jewish behavior as a whole. They simply must rule the world, and their primary weapon is deception.

Their primary route to dominance for at least the past couple of centuries is keeping before the world some kind of awareness of just how sad and persecuted the poor Jews are. They are rubbing everyone's faces in it. "You owe us!" It's a debt we shall never be able to pay off, no matter what we give them or how slavishly we serve their demands. The charge of "hatred against Jews" is simply the matter that we refuse to fall prostrate at their feet.

If that sounds familiar with current social orthodoxy in favor of other ethnic groups, then perhaps you can guess how Jews are using others to attack whites. They have decided that Americans of white European ancestry are worthy of the most abject misery. They bear a special contempt for us. Current US immigration policy was their idea. So is the CRT/BLM nonsense, along with the LGBTQ+ agenda. They created communism and the entire range of leftism. Wherever you see radicalism, Jews will be involved. Quite literally, those are Jewish plots to destroy whatever America once was. They have countless Gentile allies, some unwitting, who have become convinced these agendas are the greatest thing in the world. All the Christian Zionists are dupes.

Keep this in mind: There are a lot of people who claim to reveal the hidden machinations of the Deep State. They share with us facts and conspiracies of evil people in power. If they do not finger the Jews to some degree, then they are covering for them. The vast majority of the evil we've seen is in Jewish hands. On the other hand, if anyone makes everything a Jewish conspiracy, they are paid to make it all sound wacko. Jews rule our banks, government, academia and media/entertainment. Get this: They even control the majority of Christian music recording. There aren't very many of us in the US trying to strike a faithful balance to the facts of this threat.

Aside from the inconvenience of my having an ostensibly white identity in today's America, I'm not too worried about this plot to destroy America. There's nothing we can do to fight it now, and I doubt there's any way to defeat it without unconscionable bloodshed. We would have to nuke Israel and execute every Jew in the whole world. Rather, it's the kind of thing where Scripture warns that human kingdoms will rise and fall and that's the doom of fallen mankind outside the Covenant. The only door open for righteous activity against them is the Covenant that Jews rejected.

They are not God's Chosen. The Elect have displaced them in that role. The problem is that the Jews are doing all they can to help Satan keep the Elect deceived about the divine heritage that comes with being God's children. So the only thing we can do is claim our heritage as fully as we can discern through our convictions. Nothing does more to rub Jews raw than to see a Christian harvesting the shalom they rejected when they demanded the Son of God be crucified. Building shalom is the whole mission of being a Christian.

Be the people they refused to be, the true family of Jehovah.

This document is public domain; spread the message.