Catacomb Resident Blog

The Weak Link

31 May 2022

Let me make this as real as I can for you. Our Enemy succeeds not through superior organization and commitment from his servants. Satan wins because of the weakness of our organization and commitment.

The best parable for understanding our situation as Elect in this fallen world is the parable God reveals in His Word. We are like the camp of Israel on the way to the Promised Land. We have this awesome pillar of fire leading us, and everything we need is supplied. Each time we stop to camp in one place or another, we have clear boundaries for our safety -- don't go outside the camp by yourself.

Everything outside the camp has been provisionally handed over to the Enemy. Understand this: The world in which we live is Satan's turf. Everyone born in the flesh is his by default, fallen and doomed. God gave this world to him for the duration of our fallen existence. It's where Satan dwells as his own punishment; he's not allowed to run around in the Spirit Realm any more. Even then, his turf is still full of angels, outnumbering his demons 2 to 1, keeping a tight rein on what Satan is allowed to do. The Redeemed are supposed to be an invasive presence. The Devil's mission is to discipline us by temptation and suffering.

If we depart from the boundaries of the Covenant, we are in Satan's hands. His troops range around outside the camp, trying to offer false promises of things our flesh desires, but which never turn out quite like the promises suggest. Meanwhile, everything we actually need to survive this passage through the Fallen Realm is already in our hands. We just have to keep a proper focus on what God allows and what He does not allow.

This is the tutelage of the Law, teaching us how to live in divine power so we can conquer the Land He has promised us. The Law gets us to the place where we can "cross the Jordan" into a spiritual conquest of our own lives. It's not Heaven yet, but it's on the way. It requires a transformation of our awareness to begin the actual conquest, and the battlefield is your own soul, not the things around you. The Conquest is your heart tearing down the idolatrous temples in your flesh.

Israel did a horrible job of it. Don't make their mistakes. When the Messiah showed up to bring them into the Kingdom of Heaven, they were so lost inside themselves that they rejected His reign. So, they have been consigned to a place where they now make up the bulk of Satan's servants in this world. The vast majority of world are not his servants, only his victims. Jews have chosen to serve him.

Thus, the Lord has opened up His Covenant to all humanity, since Israel refused to keep it. They refused to be the conduit of humanity into God's family, and tried to keep His blessings for themselves. Their testimony to the world being the only reason they existed as a nation, they lost their place. Today, they live outside the camp that bears their name; they are not Israel any more. They are so terribly lost that they believe they can take over the Wilderness itself. They consider it their turf, their "camp" where they rule. They aren't that good at it, but those who follow Christ are even worse, given our history since that day at the Cross.

One of our biggest mistakes believers make has been believing the lies Jews keep trying to sell. It started with the Judaizers infecting the early churches. It has continued to this day. They keep slipping into the places where we should prevail. They tempt us to pursue things they claim we can have, with the premise that they are only trying to do us good. That's a lie in the first place, but it's another lie that what they seek for themselves is shalom. Everything they claim to have is just stolen from others, not something God gave them.

It's not every Jew who is consciously in on this plan. However, they have been ethnically conditioned to obey their own elites. They have a strong tendency to do that. Even the elites tend to argue about how to best serve the interests of their "Chosen" race. For example, there are Zionists and there are neo-cons, both determined to make Jews the rulers of the world, but arguing about how to do it. They'll work together most of the time and argue behind closed doors. They aren't that unified, but they are better unified than Christians. Even worse for them, most Jews cannot comprehend the Covenant gospel message in the first place; they know only that they hate us and need to vanquish our ability to fellowship in the Spirit. Sadly, Christians don't seem to understand it very well, either.

Jews currently believe that destroying the white northern European races and Western Civilization is the first step to conquering the world. They have succeeded for the most part by deceiving whites into following their false lead. It won't do the Jews much good, but they are committed, at least among the elites, to this task. There is nothing we can do about their plans, and we shouldn't care about their ethnic wars. What we need is to understand these things, and to remain steadfast in the Covenant they have abandoned.

Further, our best organization is not organizing at all. That is, don't get wrapped up in the human task of organization to fight their ethnic warfare. They own that; they do it better than any other human group. Don't be a sucker for what makes them so powerful. To the degree we need organization, follow the template in the Word: small tribal covenant communities, private and refusing to assimilate. It's the faith, the organization and accomplishments in the Spirit Realm that matters, not what we can accomplish here in the Fallen Realm. Stay true to the Covenant Word and your convictions. They can't touch that; they don't even understand it.

This document is public domain; spread the message.