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Welcoming Disintegration

01 June 2022

Anyone who has read much history is likely to know that Mohamed traveled a good bit before declaring himself the Prophet. He was exposed to Judaism and Christianity, against the background of his own pagan roots. It's not hard to discern that his early teachings reflected the mixed influences. Many scholars contend Islam is a bit of syncretism.

The Arabic ethnic identity of Mohamed would naturally lend itself to echoing Jewish ethnic behavior patterns. They are closely related in history and in Scripture as fellow children of Abraham. Whatever we might say about Jewish ethnic advantages are easily transferable to Arabs, at least in some degree. The difference is that Arabs got hooked on a religious identity, instead of being so tightly wound up in an ethnic identity. Jews are wrapped tightly in their ethnocentrism.

The result is that Jews vary far less among themselves than Muslims do. Religion is something about which we can have a lot of debate over what our deity said and what is required, but an ethnic identity is pretty nailed down and simple. Thus, Jews have little trouble working together to infiltrate and have some measure of control over their Islamic enemies. Look up the Donmeh sometime; it explains a lot of Saudi government policy that otherwise doesn't make sense.

While the US is a primary actor in the field of espionage, much of what we do is guided by Jews. The CIA generally obeys the wishes of Mossad in everything. I've already linked to Ron Unz's book exposing the Mossad's dirty deeds in America. So, whatever we could ostensibly blame on our CIA is almost guaranteed to be the result of their consultations with Mossad. For example, anyone who talks about JFK's assassination without including the Mossad in the picture is a liar.

Thus, we know that the CIA is largely responsible for creating Islamic terrorism. It's not that hard to trace back how key figures in that terrorism all arose from CIA efforts to turn Islam into a religion of terror. The natural confusion from having a purely religious identity that is largely man-made in first place left the door wide open to that kind of espionage. There would be virtually no Islamic terrorism anywhere were it not for western espionage working in the Islamic populations of the world.

And given Mossad's involvement in this, from whom do you suppose Islamic terrorists learned their craft? It's the exact same terror used by Mossad and our CIA. It's the exact same deep rabbit hole of deception that sees an Arabic bomber getting in line at an Israeli music concert queue to make friends with the people there so they cluster around him before he detonates his explosive vest. That technique was invented by Mossad.

The Islamic identity does have a strong thread of tribal-centrism that mimics to some degree the ethnocentrism of Jews. They will always seek primarily the welfare of their own tribe over anyone else. It would have been impossible to keep Jews out of America, since they were committing ethnic espionage on the West before Columbus's voyage. However, we did not have a problem at that time with Islamic espionage, because that was generated much later. The invasive religious predation of Muslims in America is frankly because of the Jewish ethnic predation already present.

It's good to recognize that Muslims do not suffer the compartmentalization and mixed loyalties of white Americans. We need to keep in mind just how single-minded Muslims are about the dominance of their religion. Any appearance of democratic friendship with Muslims is fake. We should learn to recognize that, and to realize it's a result of the Jewish ethnic terrorism from which they learned. It's important to realize that all the really nasty things we hate about Islamic terrorism and the CIA comes mostly from the influence of Mossad and related Jewish ethnic warfare.

We need to understand how America was doomed from the start. Yes, Jewish elites plotted to destroy what our forefathers were trying to build. Then again, too many of our forefathers were already compromised by the Jewish influence on the Enlightenment, which is the foundation of white America. We also need to understand that white America was never really Christian in the first place, but held to very pagan roots.

We need to understand how all of that works so we do not get entangled in the Devil's plot to distract us from the real treasure of God's revelation. We have fleshly barriers to overcome, and we need to understand them. We need to be utterly devoted to the Covenant as our one and only identity. It's not a competition with Jews or Muslims because they are working on a worldly level. Our Covenant is rooted in Heaven, and only manifests on this earth through what appears to be a very strange and poorly organized religion.

That's our strength. We do not put our trust in what we can do as humans. We put our trust in what God can do despite our human failures. As my friend likes to say, the Spirit Realm and the Fallen Realm overlap in a diaphanous realm of moral truth that everyone else ignores. It's that gauzy, mystical realm where our faith operates. It's very real and solid to our hearts, but our flesh cannot grasp it. The whole mission has nothing to do with human concerns, but to awaken people to the heart realm, the moral realm where Heaven and Earth overlap, where God touches this Fallen Realm with His love and power.

Yes, Jews are the single greatest threat to America, and Muslims are becoming the second greatest threat. That's not important, and there's nothing we can do to stop the destruction. We should welcome the disintegration of the US. Decentralization is God's own hand at work. You can see that once you understand the Tower of Babel narrative. Let's work with His hand and celebrate what He does among mere men to show His power.

We do not need human unity. We need faith unity, something that transcends our human concerns. Don't worry that people of faith have different emphases about how to implement the revelation of God. Give them room and go on about your own business for the Father. It doesn't have to make sense to us; it makes sense to Him.

This document is public domain; spread the message.