Catacomb Resident Blog

Survival of Testimony

04 June 2022

There is a strong connection between the madness of the globalists and the rising natural disasters. Those 17 food plants catching fire in just a few months? That's intentional; it's the madness of the elite making war against their own people. It's the same madness that causes the rise in violence in general. The drought in the American West? That's nature going crazy, too. But it's not a simple causation, nor is it mere correlation. Rather, it's the hand of God stirring the cauldron of wrath, and it affects the natural world, which includes the fleshly nature of fallen mankind.

This is not a joke, people. The earth's magnetic poles are racing to meet each other, and it appears they'll collide somewhere around the Andaman Sea. We suspect the poles will reverse, but it could also include the earth shifting on its axis. This shift by itself drives many animals crazy, such as birds and sea mammals, because they rely on earth's magnetic field for more than just navigation. What you may not realize is that humans are also sensitive to this in ways that have not been adequately studied.

The variations in the solar wind, the increasing frequency and magnitude of both solar flares and CMEs, the shift of the extrusions of earth's liquid metal core -- all of this points to a crescendo when the our sun will nova. Storms will get worse, more intense and more frequent, with never before seen types of lightning that won't calm down until we are hit with an ice age. Meanwhile, earthquakes will become more frequent and more destructive, with tsunamis that you cannot imagine. The point here is that it's coming faster than anyone imagines. Most of you who can read this will be around to see these things.

You can do only so much to prep for this without a billion-dollar budget. Feel free to go in that direction if your convictions demand it. For most of us, the issue is to prepare internally. Most of humanity will be wiped out in a very short time. We should not be surprised if that near extinction includes us. How the Lord works is not something any man can predict. Whom He chooses to save for a fresh future on earth is beyond our estimate.

Christian Mysticism doesn't lend itself to worrying much about surviving something like this. It's a wonder and joy enough to see such things with our own eyes. This is the hand of our God at work! It's an adventure to the very end. By far, the most important thing you can do is broadcast through your actions this strong otherworldly orientation. This is how we will glorify His name. What really must survive is our testimony. It must outlive us.

This document is public domain; spread the message.