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Pray They Are Wise

06 June 2022

Once more: The globalists who run the US government are making war against us. They knew a long time ago that things were headed toward hyperinflation and economic malaise. They planned this; they took actions that made it all unavoidable. The big oppressive crack-down has begun in earnest.

What to expect? The little people are not stupid. Plenty of state and local governments understand this plot, and aren't going to go along with it. Decentralization is coming; it's also unavoidable. When interstate trucking collapses due to fuel prices, folks will eventually figure out they have to source locally. And local producers are going to figure out they can't ship stuff out any more, so they need to adjust their production for local tastes.

Some will pick up on it quickly, and some will not. Nobody can predict the details. However, if there is something your state cannot produce, it's going to get very difficult to get it. Where I live there is plenty of agriculture, but it's mostly aimed at massive quantities of one or another cash crop. That will change. We also have plenty of energy and ways to bring it to market locally. Electricity will continue to be sent out of state, and petroleum can still move through the pipelines, but anything that moves by truck will be tightly crimped very soon. What will be tough here will be manufacturing of common consumer goods. It will take a while for that to get rolling.

What we are facing, then, is a transition period. Yes, lots of folks will have to leave the market. Any industry that rests on mass quantities at low prices will likely shut down. When the cost of fuel starts forcing the prices of everything else through the roof, a lot of discretionary consumption will stop. It will be a lot like rolling the calendar back at least a century in terms of lifestyle choices people make. For example, dining out will once again be something only rich folks do. Some parts of the economy will crash hard; some business owners and managers can see it coming and they'll manage to taper off and adjust to the new reality.

For most essentials, we simply need to survive the transition. You need a stock of things you know you'll use to get you past that time. If you live in a state with a lot of globalists in the government, you should have already moved away from there. The crime rates are soaring right now because globalist policies encourage people to never think about planning and self-reliance. Thus, when things get tough, their sheeple shift their problems onto other people, and that usually means committing crimes. There will be plenty of that everywhere, but it's always worse in areas dominated by leftists. You will soon find yourself in a Third World hellhole.

This big shift has already begun. If your state has its own internal banking system, you'll be a lot better off. National and international banks are your enemies, mostly because they are in on this whole plan of pushing the masses into poverty. It's as much their plan as anyone else's. Still, rushing out to move your accounts to a state-chartered bank or trust company may not be the answer, at least not yet. There's a cracking point out there that is hard to predict, and moving your money too soon will cost you in terms of how you can use it.

My thinking on this is not at all mainstream. I sense that we are headed for a crack-up that could be any number of things, and I'm not sure anyone really knows. There are too many factors the central bankers just cannot control that well, and they certainly won't admit it. Thus, you can't be certain just what the breaking point will be. I suggest you put your surplus dollars into real assets, to include precious metals. You are the only one who can assess what you can buy and keep possession of when things get rough. At some point the banks will freeze accounts, and your dollars will cease to exist. They won't be worth much, anyway, once we get to that crash point.

I'll keep suggesting that this is a good time to purchase stuff you can use to make a living. I still believe most of the solar catastrophes are coming in the 2030s, so we've got a while, yet. Then again, it's a good time to consider buying stuff that's hand-powered, or at least does not depend on electricity. If you can ride a bike, get a good one and some spare tires. If you live in an area that gets significant snow, choose a mountain bike with knobby tires. If you can afford it, get one that is belt driven with an internal shifting system. They are lower maintenance.

Stock up on paper goods that you know you'll use. This is going to be one of the hardest things to get once shipping grinds to a halt. The same goes with toiletries and the like. Unless you know how to make soap from raw materials (wood ashes, rain water and edible fats), it's really going to get tough. Just get enough to last a few months. I doubt many of us could store a whole year's worth of anything we use that much.

If you are of a mind to use guns for protection, then make sure you get some of that stuff. For most of us, it's just the matter of having one that stops a lot of trouble. If that won't work, you live in the wrong neighborhood.

On a side note: This is a good time to shed excess baggage that won't do you an good once things collapse. Indeed, it's a good time to consider living in mobile housing. A nice travel trailer and tow vehicle or a motor home. And if you can't afford that, consider a nice big tent with appropriate camping gear. I'm serious. It's impossible to predict what kind of crazy stuff might arise where you live. Some of us might need to move out away from any urban environment, somewhere where housing is in short supply. Test the idea against your convictions.

Most of all, trust the Lord to speak through your convictions. Your situation will always be somewhat unique to you, and you will be the one who knows what you need to do. But the main point about this prepping stuff is that you realize the troubles won't last forever. Once the economic activity hits that invisible breaking point, folks are going to act to change the situation. It will not be in concert with everyone else. Where you live, different businesses will act as they see fit, when they see fit, and more or less in coordination with state and local government. Pray your government officials are half-way smart about this.

This document is public domain; spread the message.