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Moral Goose Chase

11 June 2022

Jay DiNitto mentioned the Gateway Experience and linked to a video about it. It's discussed in a rather old CIA document made public a while back. Please note: Jay rather agrees with me about it, but the guy in the video does take it seriously. I read the document myself because the fellow in the video annoyed me. Despite having one page missing from the original document, it was almost worth my time. A lot of it was not new to me.

The Gateway Experience attempts to raise human consciousness to a higher level. The author of the CIA report contrasts it with stuff like hypnosis and Transcendental Meditation. There is a bit of cross-over, but Gateway is based more on science, even physics. The idea is that certain sounds can resonate with the human mind to open awareness of what's referred to as absolute energy in the universe.

I have no doubt the effects are genuine, though I doubt the explanation is accurate. That is, I seriously doubt that what the author claims is actually achieved. More to the point, that part doesn't matter.

Data is not truth. Neither past nor future is truth. Those things are just facts. You may be able to use this heightened consciousness to help you make some decisions, and maybe get to know more about yourself. However, none of that will bring you closer to Ultimate Truth. You would not be tapping into a different level of reality, just a stronger awareness of your own mind within the matrix of our fallen condition. And despite what the author says, it is not consistent with the Bible.

The Bible does not make much of knowing God factually. Rather, the whole point is knowing God personally. No matter what you do with the human mind, it remains fallen, doomed to moral blindness. The single greatest human need is to know God and His purpose for each of us. Whatever you might gain from this higher consciousness, it won't get you closer to the Creator of all things.

About the best we can say regarding the Gateway Experience is that it is a poor substitute for moving your consciousness into your heart and getting acquainted with your convictions. With your heart in command of your soul, and your mind-body serving it, you don't need all the hard work the Gateway Experience requires. You don't need the recorded sounds to get close to the Lord. And a smarter fallen nature is still going to drag you off to Hell as long as it does not submit to God in person.

Focusing on what humans can do for themselves without God is what got us kicked out of Eden. Returning to Eden means sacrificing your fleshly nature, nailing it to the Cross, not trying to make it more powerful.

This document is public domain; spread the message.