Catacomb Resident Blog

You Are the Treasure

13 June 2022

I've explained my anonymity on this blog. It's not to protect me, but to protect the message. This blog is not my primary mission calling; it's a sideline. This ministry is aimed at the few folks likely to actually pay attention and not miss the point. I'm free to be more blunt and direct. That there is some protection for me is just a side effect.

But I need to divulge a few things to help you grasp the power of the Lord, to testify that only you can limit what faith does in your life. It's no secret that I'm white, of North European background. My male ancestors all greatly preferred isolation; I remember it plainly. They dreamed of going off into the wilderness and living away from other people, if only they could make enough money for it. Instead, they were often too socially abrasive to make that kind of money. And because they all had families, they never could escape the demands of wives and children who would not have tolerated that kind of isolation.

They were all quite religious, but few of them ever operated from genuine faith. They were always torn by fleshly siren songs, beckoning them to things that kept them from ever fully understanding the Lord or themselves. My fleshly nature was branded by that kind of always coming up short of their dreams.

I'm not better than them, but I know with absolute certitude that the Father called me out of that. If anything, I'm even more frustrated, though for entirely different reasons. I'm not grouchy about what the world won't allow me to have, but I'm deeply disappointed at how the world rejects my Lord. This blazing clarity of vision for Covenant faith and community is something the world never seems to see. I'm always feeling alone and isolated in the midst of a bustling city.

Don't get me wrong -- I could really enjoy days and days of solitude in a wilderness setting. I don't get bored going out by myself away from the crowds. It's the most lovely time of prayer and contemplation. I get a lot done that way.

But that kind of work on my own life is not a thing unto itself. It's a prerequisite for something else. My real calling is to reach out to the world with the Covenant message. I know that, if nothing else, no one should have any excuse when they stand before the Lord in the Day of His Wrath. It breaks my heart how few people get it, and how many will apparently never get any part of it. But the very nature of my mission is to live a life of moral and spiritual isolation in the midst of the herd.

Yes, this means that I'm an introvert. On the one hand, I would not hesitate to stand before any size audience and perform my calling. At the same time, I can't do a lot of that. I need to finish the delivery, and then go off to be alone with my Father to recover from how deeply I bled my heart out. It's hard work for me, but it's the one thing I must do.

So, clearly a blog like this is not my primary mission. This is just a sideline. This is something I do for me, by permission, of course. I come here to unload on topics I don't cover in my primary mission, and in a manner that wouldn't fit. The few of you who read this stuff are doing me a big favor, even if you folks seldom give me any feedback. I can sense your attention in my heart, and it comforts me in the midst of the sorrows of my main mission in life.

Thank you, dear readers. You are the real treasure in my soul. Again, I don't know many of you in the flesh, and yet the Lord affirms to my spirit that you are closer to me than my own kin.

This document is public domain; spread the message.