Catacomb Resident Blog

They'll Never Understand

14 June 2022

We know that the Northern Kingdom of Israel kept using the name "Jehovah" as their national deity, but very cynically replaced His revelation with all kinds of nonsense copied from old Canaanite pagan religions, along with new ideas they picked up from passing trade caravans. Once they were taken off to exile by the Assyrians, the population was eventually replaced with those who became the Samaritans.

But just a century later, Alexander the Great marched across the area and evangelized his beloved Hellenistic culture. The rabbis naturally rejected the debauched cultural dressing of Greece, but somehow still bought into Alexander's Aristotelian philosophical assumptions. Over the next three centuries, they moved farther and farther from the model of faith and trust in the personal God of Israel, and turned Him into an abstract intellectual ideal. It wasn't so different from the sin of Jeroboam, using the name Jehovah to designation something entirely foreign. By the time their Messiah showed up, they no longer knew Jehovah the Person, and didn't recognize His Son.

So, their original covenant was translated into something God had wanted it to be all along. Meanwhile, their national covenant was ended. The Temple Veil was torn in two; their national identity was gone. But they refused to let it go. Satan was glad to step up as their new patron deity, since they had been serving him for quite some time. Thus, the Apostle John calls Judaism the Synagogue of Satan.

They are deceived. Satan has promised them all the nonsense they had chosen to make of Jehovah's shalom. It's a covenant that rests on lies; today we call it the Talmud. It's not that Satan didn't intend to give them all the political authority over human kingdoms that he offered to Jesus during the Wilderness Temptations. But then, he gave them no more than what he would have given Jesus. It's a political control that crumbles as soon as they get in their hands.

For now, they rule the West. But the West is quickly collapsing. It's not that Russia and China are morally better, but they will win just about the time this world comes under assault from the sun. The West will know it has died before the Lord's wrath pours from the skies. Judaism will also know that all the promises they believed from Satan are of no value. What they have gained will not survive the coming micro-nova.

Do you understand why we cannot keep making the same historical mistakes the church leadership fell into shortly after the Apostle John passed? The churches were suckers for Constantine's offer of political relief, making it the official religion of his empire, if they would serve his agenda. As long as churches avoided human political ambitions and folly, they were as powerful as Jesus promised. The moment they became a political force in human society, His power fled them.

The Covenant became in Christ an empire of hearts. We are supposed to maintain the thinnest, most gossamer human organization in order to fellowship in true faith. What holds us together is not the human organization modeled in Scripture; that's just the method. The simplicity of heart-borne commitment to faith and the boundaries of conviction is what makes it work. The human connection rests entirely on our shared love for the Lord.

They cannot touch that. Their attack on white people of Northern European extraction was a fool's errand. Their continuing attack on institutional Christianity serves no purpose. What they have almost finished destroying was not the single biggest threat. Teaching whites that individualism is the greatest thing, and that secularism is their salvation was their strategy, and it's working. Meanwhile, they cling to a false ethnic identity, putting that above all things, keeping for themselves the single human advantage they have denied Gentiles. But the Gentiles and anti-Semitism are not their enemy -- Satan is.

The big lie they still believe has been the biggest trap. Judaism and the implied ethnic cohesion has kept them from the Covenant. It's still open to them, but they must renounce their ethnic identity to enter. We can only hope that, as things collapse around their ears, some of them realize that Jesus still waits for them to embrace what was theirs first.

We don't hate them, but we do refuse to submit to their domination (which refusal is the actual meaning of antisemitism). That is, while we don't care what happens to this world on the human level, we hold firm to the faith that binds us together in ways they cannot comprehend. We are one in Christ, not as a human organization. As long as Jews are Jews, they'll never understand that.

We can weather the coming apocalypse. Our faith will stand during that long ice age. Whatever else rises from the frozen wastes once it begins to thaw, our faith will be there.

This document is public domain; spread the message.