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Why It Matters

15 June 2022

Do you get tired of hearing about how awful Jews are? Then don't read this blog. But for those of you who can endure just a little more, I'll explain the big picture. It matters, and if you are going to follow Christ with a clear heart, you need to tear down the structures of falsehood in your head.

I've outlined how the Jewish agenda is so very satanic; I've explained as best I can how they came to be Satan's single greatest weapon against the Elect gaining their Covenant blessings. I've also tried to give you some handholds so that you can avoid being classed with all the Nazis, KKK, and whatever else out there is twisting the truth and making a caricature of the real problem. You should understand how this clearly ties into the Bible from its own Hebrew perspective. The saints of the Old Testament are cheering us on, and would disown modern day Jews.

But you must first understand that the Covenant gospel of Jesus Christ is not activist. We must admit that the Covenant does have a political stance, because God's revelation does promote a political and social structure for human existence. God's politics and economics are feudal and tribal -- end of discussion. The current left-right divide is a wild goose chase, another one of those things Jewish elites have foisted on us. But the point here is that we are not activist. We don't plan and prepare to change the political situation by using human political means.

The only way any human can enter into a good political and social condition is in the Covenant. The choice to embrace the Covenant can come only from the heart. While the heart can be moved without the Lord, it cannot be moved in the right direction without Him. Only the Elect, those chosen before Creation, can truly enter the Covenant. There is nothing we can do for the rest of the world, except for the few blessings God offers by having them hang out with a Covenant community voluntarily.

When Jesus said go into all the world and teach, His Hebrew mystical assumptions included the idea that how you live in the aggregate is the primary means of "teaching". Yes, we speak the Word, but not until we have first brought to bear the power of a life changed. They need to see that change first, or our words mean nothing. It is the pull of shalom that calls out to the Elect among our audience.

That audience includes Jews; there are Elect among them, too. The Covenant gospel was theirs first. I'm not seeking to build animosity, but to build a witness. Don't get lost in hatred for their satanic agenda to the point you exclude them from the message. The most powerful answer to their agenda is not activism, but the activity of walking in the Covenant boundaries where they can see it. Defeating our own fleshly nature is the only weapon we have against Satan. We must visibly harvest the blessings they know by instinct were meant to be theirs, in order to yank them from Satan's hand.

But in order to carry that message to them, along with everyone else in the world, we really need to understand how they operate. We need to see that, like every other natural creature in this world, they have evolved to some degree, and a lot of what they do wrong is wired into their fleshly existence, same as it is for us. It's the same with understanding that white folks from North European stock are wide open to their predations, unless we become wise to it. We need to understand how this stuff works so we can perform our duties under the Great Commission.

I'm reading through Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique (free copy here). It's not the only book that addresses the problem with how Jews act in our world today, but it's one of the best, and the easiest to get. It can be a tough read; it's written at an academic level with research to support the thesis. If you read it, you'll see quite obviously how I don't agree with the solutions he offers to this big problem, but I cannot fault his explanation of the problem itself.

Jews are hard-wired to prey on white folks. Whites are the ones hard-wired to recognize and resist their trickery, but only if we build up cultural immunity through becoming just as tribal as Jews are. We do know how, but it's a recessive trait. Well, to no one's surprise, Jews have worked hard to craft for Gentiles a replacement, a cultural orientation for us that they themselves would never accept. Particularly in the case of the US, they have infiltrated every point of social and cultural leverage, planting tares among the wheat, so that a significant portion of the population are sucked in by leftism.

The idea is to make us cosmopolitan, when God said we should be tribal. They have sanctified the ideal of individualism, when God says humans were designed to be ethnocentric. They have done everything possible to disarm the only defense Gentiles have to their lies. The very existence of the popular epithet "antisemitism" is a symbol of everything they strive to do to us. That slander is their name for resistance to Jewish domination. They have made us believe it is a pathology if we do for ourselves what they insist they must do for themselves.

Marx, Freud, the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, their control of academia, banking, entertainment, the MSM -- it's all part of their game. They are working hard to take over the Internet, too. They created leftism and hijacked conservatism via the neocons. There is no solution discussed in society except the ones they prepackaged for us. Everything coming at you is carefully calibrated to destroy your faith in Christ. It trains your fleshly mind to seek just about anything except the Word of God, and they have insured that no one can easily understand it when they read it.

Activism is a part of their lie. The idea that we can change the course of human behavior at large is the lie they tell themselves. Don't fall for that. Live the Covenant of the Messiah they rejected. Learn to think like the people they once were supposed to be in ancient times. Avoid the hard-hearted ways that saw them constantly turning to idols. The only thing to conquer is your own fleshly nature.

We must become what they have refused to be. That's how we raid Satan's domain.

This document is public domain; spread the message.