Catacomb Resident Blog

It's Just the Background

16 June 2022

Jews have always been responsible for radicalizing people against the existing Gentile national governments. A genuine ethnic nationalism has always been their greatest enemy, except as they promote it for themselves. Thus, over the centuries they have been in the lead of tearing down any strong Gentile government system. This plan really got rolling during the Middle Ages in Europe.

The simplest definition of "capitalism" is an economic theory and system based on the private ownership of capital. Of course, it comes with a host of other stuff in the West. We cannot blame capitalism on Jews. They didn't invent it, but they did nurture it and groom it to what it has become in the West. They cultivated it with the intent to elevate the merchant class (themselves at that time) and destroy the power of royalty and nobility back in Europe, which they regarded as their greatest threat during the Middle Ages. In more modern times, the business of capital taking on person-hood before the law in the West was their idea, promoted through their tight control of the banking system.

In the same way, we can also blame communism on the Jews. Marx didn't invent the idea, but he tweaked the existing notion of socialism into a means to promoting Jewish superiority. Thus, he considered communism his special kind of socialism. This is not revealed in his writings so much as in his lectures. I'm hardly the only one who believes he was holding it out as an impossible dream for the rubes to chase. He claimed it was possible to have a stateless anarchy based on a uniform adherence to his theories. His theories were more or less implemented by more Jewish theorists like Lenin. Soviet Communism was generally in the hands of Jews (until the purges under Krushchev); they certainly exempted themselves from the drawbacks of the system.

The apparent conflict between the two is just that: apparent. As long as you believe these are the only two systems available, you'll never stop and think about what actually brings peace with God. You'll note that both are inherently materialistic, different ways of worshiping Mammon, something Jesus said was a critical element in Pharisaism (now Judaism). Both of these economic theories were meant to destroy Gentile nationalism, and more importantly, Christian religion. They wanted to shove everyone out on their own, unable to form a strong tribal resistance to Jewish take-over. Both of these economic systems are a rejection of the biblical approach to government and economics.

The Bible reveals that God made us to live under eastern feudalism in small tribal clans. That's what every church should be. You and I know this isn't going to happen very much in real life. Still, we are taught to cling to it in our hearts.

In order to present to the fallen world our Covenant shalom message, we have to engage that fallen world to some degree. Your convictions can tell you in any given context how much engagement is appropriate for your mission. The point is that we must know the system, and have a good idea in advance where the boundaries are.

Further, it helps if we understand how the system came into existence. We need to understand as much as possible about how we got here, and why. If you know that the various theories for economics and government were created to trap us, then you don't take any of the options seriously. Don't be a sucker for either the right or left. When you truly understand what the Bible teaches, you won't be a fool. Instead, you'll play along with cynicism, not expecting much good to come out it.

No, we are not empowered to change the system. We don't really care, and we don't expect much from it, but we are called to use it to some degree as the background against which we project the Covenant message.

This document is public domain; spread the message.