Catacomb Resident Blog

Change Yourself

18 June 2022

I am under no obligation whatsoever to help anyone change the social or political context. My duty is to help you live with the situation as it is. A primary tenet of Covenant mysticism is that the human context is of little consequence, always changing and unreliable. Even if I could change society or the government, it wouldn't last long. As it is, we place such things in God's hands and keep our attention focused on the mission and calling of living by faith within the context.

Within the next few years, the West in general, and the US in particular, will come apart. The economic system will collapse and the governments won't be able to keep it all together. The future for Americans is to plan for decentralization of political power to lower levels. Granted, the globalists have this wild notion that such a collapse will be their opportunity to seize greater power, but it won't work out that way. They are too incompetent to make it work.

The human future is in Russia and China. The western agenda of liberal democratic socialism has already failed. These things simply don't matter that much. I'm trusting that our Lord has good prophets in each of those empires, and in other places around the world, who can hear the calling to the Covenant and a radical shift in the meaning of religion. I don't know enough about China or Russia to write about it, but I am utterly convinced that a pure mystical faith in the Covenant can stand under those governments. I believe it is quite possible to have peace with God and not provoke your ruling officials. That's what Paul meant in Romans 13:8 -- our faith and love fulfills our duty as far as God is concerned, and He will make it work out.

That is, it will work out over the next ten to twenty years of the future, at least. I'm still firm that the most likely arrival of the solar catastrophes is at least ten, and more likely twenty, years away. In the next two decades, we can restore a genuine biblical faith. Faith is not a culture in itself, but it can spawn an adaptation to the situation that becomes a culture. So, while I have no idea what a genuine faith culture would look like in China, I am confident that it is possible to build a covenant community of faith that wouldn't provoke significant persecution. Genuine faith always blesses human government, one way or another.

Thus, my duty is not to seek change in the situation, but to work for change in people to meet the situation with Covenant shalom.

This document is public domain; spread the message.