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Biblical Manhood, Yet Again

19 June 2022

This blog was honored by mention on Sigma Frame blog. That blog has become a major stalwart in the Red Pill men's lore. We don't do that much RP stuff here because it's just one of many issues I have with mainstream American Christian religion. The failure of churches to step away from the worldly perspective on human sexuality is just one more symptom of rejecting the Covenant.

Covenant Manhood is an issue already covered elsewhere, but it warrants the occasional reminder here. And for the broader audience, Sigma Frame is rich with descriptions of what we should not do. If you stand up for holiness, you are going to reject almost everything we see inside the organized religious institutions of our day, particularly when it comes to romance. But the matter of what we should do deserves a lot of exploration. While Jack at Sigma Frame is working on this, I dare say we suffer from too few discussing it from different angles.

The man who wrote the booklet linked above, by his own admission, will tell you that it's not any kind of definitive answer. It's just a nudge in the right direction. The problem with America and the rest of the West is that it's western, and the whole concept of manhood is anti-Christian. Western Christians are utterly convinced they are the quintessential expression of the Bible, and that's just a very ugly lie. The real problem is that the Christian RP manosphere is almost entirely western. And I mean by that they the writers are deeply rooted in Western Civilization, and most would reject the notion of leaving it behind. They never seem to grasp that the Bible is rooted in the Hebrew culture, and is a radical departure from the West.

In the Bible, we have very little discussion of manhood, and even that bit is mostly in the standard Hebrew mystical format. It uses words to align the mind with the heart, where the real truth resides. Biblical manhood is a gift of God's mercy. The real need is getting the flesh out of the way long enough for the heart to discover conviction. There's plenty for women there, too, but it's awfully hard to correct the false image of biblical womanhood without first moving the men to the right place. Most Christian RP writers would reject the heart-centered orientation, if they even understood it. Yet, it's the core of what the Bible has to say.

Biblical manhood is an issue of the heart; it's a matter of conviction. The Bible assumes a community where manhood is absorbed by demonstration. You don't learn that kind of thing; you get it from the weight of exposure. In the West, there are just a tiny handful of men upon whom the Father has stamped His divine image of manhood, and their commission is to share it (and most of them don't yet understand the Hebrew orientation of the Bible). You get manhood by hanging out with those who have it. You need to absorb it from several, as many as you can find, because no one man can be your sole model.

And that's the dilemma we have now -- there is no community of men in America that have walked away from the western influence. Yes, we have non-western communities, but they are almost all pagan, or simply way too foreign in culture. Instead, we have American men stuck on some false images of manhood learned from movies. You see, there's no single model, even in the Bible; different men of God have manifested different flavors of manhood, but we don't even have a reliable source for just one here in the US.

The sad truth is that the RP stuff isn't enough. It's just a relatively minor topic that still requires by itself a whole library of writing and videos to flesh out. It focuses on a small portion of manhood identity. Getting all of the RP stuff right won't make you a man, though you would certainly be closer to it. What should make you most nervous is that, once you start down that path, the chances of finding and marrying a Covenant woman are better than before, but still almost nil. The starting point of that path is rejecting the vast majority of American women in the first place. You aren't likely to find one who is as yet undefiled, and precious few that are penitent about it.

I can't avoid discussing RP stuff, but this is not an RP blog. This is a faith blog, all about the Covenant and conviction. Like my friend says, "This is meta-religion: a religious study of how to do religion." One of the elements in that does sweep in some RP lore, but as long as RP blogs hang out in the western culture, I don't have much in common with them.

Genuine biblical manhood is a miracle gift from God. What did you expect me to say?

This document is public domain; spread the message.