Catacomb Resident Blog

Facing Catastrophes

21 June 2022

This is how I plan to handle things. Nothing here suggests you need to follow my example, but I'm hoping to raise questions that you can bounce off your convictions and maybe learn something you didn't already know in your head.

I'm expecting NATO to goad Russia into a wider military action. I doubt there will be a fully planned war, just senseless goading and mobilizations and fighting scattered around. We are at high risk for weapons of mass destruction. There's nothing you and I can do. Meanwhile, the US economy will go into stagflation because the Fed won't do enough to actually stop inflation. There will be plenty of other globalist efforts to provoke a right-wing backlash, which will result in some level of decentralization. This will grow. A solid election in favor of Republicans will not solve anything, because Congress will have too little leverage to change the globalist track that consumes the entire federal bureaucracy. A Republican president in 2024 won't help matters that much, unless someone is willing to invoke martial law as the means to rolling it all back. Fat chance of that.

It's going to be very messy politically and economically.

As far as I can tell, we have about twenty years before the world as we know it comes to an end. I'm quite certain humanity is not finished and Christ is not coming back at that time, but it's going to be a Noah experience that is a sort of reset for human existence. It makes perfect sense to me, since humanity has fallen so deep down the hole of evil that the only way to stop it is to destroy civilization totally.

Instead of an ark, you probably need to build a bunker. Try to avoid fault zones because there will be some earthquakes. Seek a decent high elevation inland a ways to avoid tsunamis if you want to survive. Look for a place with a source of water you can protect and bring inside your bunker. Include a sanitation system. Take with you hand-powered tools and whatever you need to survive an encroaching ice age. Learn how to hunt and gather wild food; adapt to the radical climate shift.

In the meantime, there is nothing we can do to change the course of human folly at large. We aren't here to judge anyone, but we also cannot become unequally yoked with non-Covenant folks. Yes, preach the Covenant in how you act and what you say; preserve holiness. Learn how to think in terms of a tribal feudal existence in private, but recognize that humanity will grow increasingly intolerant of the Covenant. At the same time, the Elect are out there, blind hearts just waiting for the light to shine, so shine it.

Jews will remain the biggest source of trouble for the rest of the human race, at least until the solar catastrophes. As long as someone carries a Jewish identity by any definition, exclude them from your private associations. To be a Jew is to be the enemy of humanity. To convert from Judaism to the Covenant of Christ is salvation. We are tribal, but not in an ethnic sense. We are tribal by our common faith in Jesus. It displaces an ethnic/cultural identity. The Covenant boundaries are our identity.

Get used to social isolation. Learn to expect that Covenant people will be exceedingly rare. They are out there, and you will eventually run into them, but they won't be many or often. Learn to discern with your heart, because it's quite likely they'll refer to their faith in different terms. Be guarded until your convictions say it's okay. For the rest of the human race, keep your cynicism at hand.

You've got about twenty years to practice the mental habits of the Covenant. Learn to think deeply about it. Lord willing, you will eventually be able to form a community of faith. Decide if your covenant mission includes trying to survive the catastrophes, or whether your witness means passing through that stuff with everyone else. That's an important question, because surviving is not automatically your goal. Personally, I'm inclined to think I won't survive. I'm at peace with that. This could change, but I'm not supposed to worry about it. It's the kind of thing where someone would need to sponsor my survival for their own reasons.

Rather, my major mission is teaching the Covenant and trying to reestablish the kind of thinking and orientation that represents why Jesus came to earth. I want to leave behind the legacy of understanding how the Covenant has always worked. I'm hoping that this teaching would still be around after God has finished His wrath.

This document is public domain; spread the message.