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Code of Noah: HOWTO 01

23 June 2022

So, what are we to make of this Code of Noah? It is the currently applicable Biblical Law for the world. It is the standard by which God judges human behavior at large. If you understand the Code of Noah, you will understand why things are so chaotic and hideous in our world, and you'll understand the wrath of God on the human race.

In order to come at this from a western point of view in general, and an American point of view in particular, there are things we must state clearly that the original revelation did not have to mention, since they were presumed a priori. In other words, back when God revealed His Law to Noah, the whole human race (those who survived in the Ark) bore with them a cultural orientation that is quite alien to ours. But theirs was more correct; ours is profane and defiled way more than the sins that caused the Flood. That's why we are in line for solar catastrophes worse than the Flood, to include an ice age.

So the first item of business as a prerequisite to the Law of God is that you must embrace mysticism. I'm not talking about the meaningless froo-froo we get from most folks who call themselves "mystics". There is an academic definition that gets at the real point here. We aren't looking for a higher level of intellect, or something else built into the fallen nature of mankind. We are looking for something inside of us that is eternal, something that will still be with us after this human life ends. You must move your conscious awareness into your heart, because that's where God speaks. He does not normally address Himself to the fallen human nature. He's not going to tap your intellect directly, but will work through your heart to reach your mind.

I keep telling you this folks: In a certain sense, the facts don't matter. What you can know with your intellect is of no great importance. What really matters is moral truth. All of Creation is infused with a moral significance that you simply cannot arrive at through factual knowledge. You must grasp it through your heart. Thus, your heart is the higher awareness.

The single greatest lie of Western Civilization is that there is no higher awareness, that the heart is nothing more than ingrained fleshly sentiment. It says this is nothing more than your feelings about things, from wherever it is those feelings came. The western position is that your feelings get in the way of ultimate truth, and that they emanate from the heart. This is a flat out lie. For ages, mankind throughout the Ancient Near East knew that the heart was a higher moral consciousness; they had a highly developed habit of using parabolic language (parables) to discuss what the heart could know.

Your feelings are actually from your guts (more or less), not your heart. Once you move your conscious awareness into your heart, both your intellect and your emotions will come to order. Your heart knows how to put everything in its place and make it work properly. In truth, your intellect is utterly incapable of escaping the influence of your emotions. The fleshly nature is all one thing, and the other great lie of the West is that it's possible to silence the emotions in favor of pure reason. In the very act of deciding that the intellect is superior, your mind does so at the urging of the emotions. All of your reasoning will be heavily seasoned by emotions because intellect cannot escape their influence, ever.

Thus, "mysticism" properly defined is placing trust in your heart to inform your mind about what really matters and why. Your intellect will never arrive at the definition of good and evil by itself. It is not a question reason can handle. That must be answered first on a higher level and the mind told what is good and evil by something far more competent to address the matter. In terms of how you experience heart-knowledge, it can be explained as convictions. Your mind holds opinions, but your convictions hold you. Christ lives in your heart, not in your head. It is your obligation to grasp this and to commit yourself to discerning the difference. He will help you along that path.

God's Law stands firmly on our commitment to Him personally in our hearts.

This document is public domain; spread the message.