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Code of Noah: HOWTO 02

24 June 2022

The Law of God cannot require spiritual birth. That is something only God can choose for us. However, His Law does require full feudal obedience from the heart. You see, even in a fallen state, you do have the choice of living in your heart or not. The whole point is that God has said repeatedly that He requires everyone in the whole human race to personally commit to Him as feudal Master and Lord. And, since the coming of His Son, everyone must become a Christian.

Yes, to avoid God's wrath requires you turn to Christ regardless of whether you are "born-again". It's because of Christ that the Code of Noah no longer requires sacrificial offerings on a stone altar. Instead, the Code of Noah now requires that you acknowledge Christ died in your place. You still have to confess that you are a sinner, and you are obliged to honestly believe that, but God is the only one who can know if you fulfill the underlying obligation.

In terms of a law code, you still must confess Christ as Lord. You are fully capable of committing to Him as feudal Lord. Not western feudalism, but Ancient Near Eastern feudalism. Your commitment must be personal, individual and total. The whole world is supposed to be that kind of Christian. That is God's Law.

Technically speaking, you could do this by conquest, because it does not require a spiritual change. But that assumes the people and government doing the conquering are actually Christian in the sense of Noah's Code and avoiding divine wrath. It would have to be a covenant nation. Of course, we would never see that, but my point is that all of this can be done by human decision. Avoiding God's wrath in this world isn't that hard, with or without spiritual birth. However, it didn't work too well with Israel, and there's no way to know if it would work with any other nation.

But Western Christian religion is a complete failure; it is a very poor man-made substitute that violates Noah. It fails primarily because it's western. It is cerebral-emotional and rests entirely on a false understanding of the mystical nature of divine revelation. It is regimented based on human cultures that are long departed from the Bible.

But let me reiterate: It does not require spiritual birth to access the kind of authority to perform miracles. It is all within grasp of a human decision. It's built into Creation. It didn't require the priests to be born-again in Israel to get a Word from the Lord. It required they obey Moses, which included the same thing we need under Noah -- mysticism and a heart-borne commitment to Jehovah as Master and Lord.

Let's make this clear: God's Law requires Hebrew mysticism. If you don't make the study of how to get from where you are to where you need to be, then you have failed God's Law, and you are subject to His wrath. Notice that I said it has to be Hebrew, not Israeli or Jewish. Neither modern Israel nor Jews are Hebrew at all in terms of culture. So antisemitism is actually required by God's Law, but you must grasp the essential nature of Hebrew mystical traditions, not simply ape the outward trappings of it. The trappings are contextual, but if you aren't a Hebrew mystic, you aren't a Christian.

If your church doesn't adhere to this standard, then it is not following Christ. We already know that not a single government in this world meets these requirements.

Now, there is one more implication on this point: It is utterly necessary that you take for granted that you are two people in one. Your fleshly nature is not the real you. The real you is your heart and spirit. Your conscious awareness is merely a manifestation; it's not really a person. It can be moved from the head to the heart, and when it does, the personality is likely to change significantly. This understanding of our nature is a requirement to serve Christ, even in a nominal sense.

This document is public domain; spread the message.