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Code of Noah: HOWTO 10

02 July 2022

It should be obvious what (6) no stealing means. The problem is that, like everything else Jesus discussed, there's always more to it. The wider principle is being content with what God provides. He promised to give us all we could possibly need to carry out our mission in life for His glory. I can testify that this tends to be extravagant. When we lack anything, we should ask Him. His answer is the final answer. He will speak in your convictions.

The business of stealing arises from rejecting what God says is enough. In most cases, it comes from being disconnected from your feudal submission to Him and failure to search your convictions. As you might expect, getting this right covers all kinds of related sins: fraud, deception, coveting, unjustified violence, etc. Instead, you will be looking for ways to bless people with what God has given you.

Taking this a little farther, I've already asserted flatly that the Code of Noah does require you to move toward the place where you just don't care that much about this life. Mystics have no reason to want someone else's stuff, and every reason to respect what God has ordered by His hand.

The real problem is that people are lusting after stuff they don't have because they aren't submissive to God. What isn't yours belongs to God, along with what is yours. You and everything you have is His to dispose of at His whim. Embrace that.

This document is public domain; spread the message.