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Ego Is Good

08 August 2022

Someone else has said it quite well that the human ego is also a gift from God. Trying to kill your ego guarantees that you'll never hear from your convictions. Instead, you'll carry around a malformed conscience that redeems justice for no one.

Let's see if we can untangle this mess. Your ego is roughly equivalent to your conscious awareness. It can be a good one, or a bad one. It can be healthy and rooted in moral truth, or it can be unhealthy and broken by a lack of input from the Holy Spirit. An ego can be humble before the Lord and confident in dealing with human sin, all at the same time.

However, it needs a time investment to develop properly. It also needs moral truth. Don't punish your kids for having a strong will; punish them for not taking responsibility for their actions. Defiance is not inherently sinful. That is a nasty pagan notion we picked up from feminism. The impulse to squelch someone else's feelings as inherently evil is not from the Scripture. There is nothing you can do about anyone else's feelings, either good or bad. All you can do is seek to stand up for God's revelation.

Feminism is the enemy here, especially for men. It's a part of feminine consciousness to want to control all the factors in life. Women in particular focus on the feelings of others, trying to shape them and channel them. That's what women do; it's not evil until we put them in charge. Putting them in charge does two things: It perverts their self-awareness and it destroys the divine order. It's a critical part of the Fall, when Adam lazily put Eve in charge of something she wasn't designed to handle alone.

Women need their own ego, and it needs to work somewhat differently from that of men. The so-called Red Pill manosphere has hammered on this for years, and a lot of it is correct. The source of false church doctrine on the ego, and the lack of balancing between male and female in general, is the way churches have embraced feminism without admitting it to themselves.

Yes, I'll tell you that the whole range of American culture resting on psychology and psychiatry was perverted by the Jewish influence. Never forget that Freud was a Jew and represented quite consciously the Jewish ethnic dominance agenda in his self-confessed false theories. He lied to Gentiles with every intention of destroying their culture. When we look back over the demonic influences that have brought us to this place, we can be sure Freud and his associates were a key turning point that helped shape modern feminism and put it on the path to conquering us.

In particular, Freud twisted the meaning of Ego, saying that it was naturally as perverted as he wanted ours to be. Then he cooked up the ID and Superego as false images that perverted the truth about how God made us. I doubt that we can do anything to roll back the damage Freud did in our society, but we can individually learn a far better model of human design and start living by it.

Your ego is necessary as the traffic cop inside your soul. It needs training and commission from the Holy Spirit. It needs to be strong so you can resist evil.

This document is public domain; spread the message.