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The Big Slide

02 January 2023

During my time in military service, I was often out on maneuver training. Perhaps you can imagine how a lot of standard human habits dissolve in such conditions. You won't be likely to get ice cubes with your soft drinks; you'll be swigging questionable water directly from your canteen. The only time you'll see a warm shower is if you go through a decontamination exercise. We slept on the ground a lot.

We would joke about the situation. Since we were "in the field" for days at a time, we often referred to a "field expedient" version of just about everything that was not provided in conventional form. You learned quickly what was and was not really essential in order to live another day and perform the mission. It changed your whole orientation on life, and permanently broke a lot people from squeamish reactions. There was very little tolerance for complaining about minor inconveniences.

Anyone with that kind of experience is going to do well in the near future in the US. Everyone else is already suffering and likely whining about it. On the one hand, most younger generations already realize they aren't going to have the comforts the Boomers had. On the other hand, there is a very strong presence of prissy whining from the children and grandchildren of Boomers over the disappearance of typical comforts and conveniences. Everyone has grown accustomed to the brief period of high prosperity the US experienced between the end of WW2 and ending roughly at 2010.

How we got where we are not is more complex than most people understand. Inter-generational conflict serves no good purpose. The real fault lies within our fallen nature, and how easily people are deceived by their own lusts. It's one thing to recognize that Jewish leadership did their best to seduce the American people into taking the easy path to slavery. It's another thing to realize Americans took the bait. We should have realized that the Devil "roams to and fro seeking whom he may devour", and a lot of very influential shapers of society have served him well. What looked like a really good way to pull in wealth and comfort turned out to be short lived. That's how it works in this world.

The only real question is, "What do we do now?" Even if we saw it coming, none of us were in a position to stop that headlong rush into destruction. There is nothing we can do to turn around evil agendas and the resulting government and corporate policies.

I hope you know how to enjoy going camping with primitive accommodations. You may be forced to literally live in a tent. We aren't very far from having the majority of the US population homeless. What I see happening around me today has reawakened those habits of mind that carried me through weeks of maneuver training. This will be a year of shocking decline in living standards in the US.

Note: The original publication of this post was delayed by technical issues with the server that hosts this blog. I persuaded my friend, Ed Hurst to post it on his blog: Radix Fidem Blog. Should you suspect this blog is silent too long, check there. Ed will always know what's happening with my work.

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