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I Am Expendable

20 January 2023

Faith is a fancy word that points to a feudal commitment to the Lord. You can't see it, touch it or point to faith itself; you can only manifest it. The proper term for such a manifestation is "religion" -- it's the things you do and say in the context of your own life that indicate your faith. Faith in in your heart; it exposes your convictions to your conscious awareness. Your convictions will be the foundation of your religion. Yours must differ at least a little from everyone else who walks in faith.

This is why I refuse to set concrete religious boundaries for others. This is what Radix Fidem is about. It's meta-religion, not religion. I hope we will never see it become the name for a denomination, especially one that is organized and registered with any government agency. It's an approach to expressing faith. It's a convenient label in case someone asks, but if it is ever going to become recognized by outsiders, it needs to be at most some kind of movement, not a specific organization.

To my regular readers: Have you noticed? I am doing my best to avoid being essential. The thing I want most is that any one of you could replicate this ministry. There are no secrets; there is no single right answer to most of the questions I address. Instead of trying to make cookie cutter copies of my religion in other people, I'm trying to give you the equipment to make your own religion.

You wanna support this blog? Become a strong religious figure yourself, whether or not you lead anyone else. All too soon you will not be able to access this blog. You must be able to do this without me. Sure, let's fellowship for as long as possible, and in the limited fashion possible through textual communications, but don't ever get the idea that you depend on this.

A very critical element of what this blog is trying to do is empower independence, not cultivate dependence. Along with others, I remain utterly convinced that the Body of Christ desperately needs fewer professional clergy and more "lay" leaders, people who have a sense of mission calling outside the pulpit, as it were.

This document is public domain; spread the message.