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26 January 2023

Just so you'll know, I don't buy into everything that Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers (SO) says about the coming solar catastrophes. Some of what he says is flatly inconsistent with the Bible, and I believe the Bible over Ben.

The SO model accepts the idea that the earth is at least a couple hundred thousand years old. I don't. I'll grant the Bible makes it very difficult to pin down a date for Creation, but it's not that old. I've already shared my idea that the world was created in an aged condition, not all fresh and new. The apparent age of the earth isn't a lie, it's just what God will let you think if you refuse to trust Him about things. The apparent cycles of our galaxy didn't start from scratch, except perhaps in God's mind as a model. The Lord has left some gaps in the evidence just to make us wonder.

There's the universe folks imagine through science and human investigation, and there's the one God says He made, and they are radically different. You'll have to choose.

Do you realize that He is impossibly higher than us? Do you get the message from faith that we cannot imagine what God knows, can do, and has made? We don't get much revelation beyond the things we need to know in order to invest our full faith and commitment in Him. Further, I've warned often enough that you cannot take everything literally. The Hebrew way of expressing things is not about passing data, but about touching your heart with moral truth. Data is in there, but it's not the point. So, when you read the early chapters of Genesis in particular, it's very hard to estimate what we can and cannot take away from it in terms of data.

The SO model says that the "Noah Event" was just part of a cycle, a half-harmonic of the 12,000 year major cycle. The Bible says it was a unique event in the history of the Earth. Indeed, the description of how the world was flooded is based on a model that this planet was permanently covered in a very thick layer of clouds until the Flood. At least half the water that rained down over 40 days had been in the sky since Creation, as far as we can tell from the narrative. The other half of the water had been stored in subterranean reservoirs. All of that water moved out of its previous storage and onto the surface of the Earth, and the Lord's statements about the rainbow indicate that it won't ever go back. SO doesn't take that into account.

Indeed, the Lord flatly says He will not destroy the Earth with global flooding again. Thus, the SO expectation of massive two-mile high tidal waves is directly contrary to Scripture. I don't buy it. I'm not trying to get you to buy my argument; I'm asking you to investigate the Scriptures and test your own convictions.

I still agree with the magnetic poles moving; it's already verified they are. I can't guess what will happen when the two poles collide somewhere in the vicinity of the Malacca Strait. I'm betting that SO doesn't know enough to reliably assert what they do about it. They are working from the human science model, not from revelation. I don't have any problem with the SO prediction of a micro-nova from Sol. I still believe that a major part of this world's population will die, just not by global tsunamis. The micro-nova crap raining down on the surface of the planet, along with the magnetic disturbances and incalculably massive electrical charges together are more than enough, because those will provoke some truly nasty weather events, and some volcanic events we cannot predict.

I'm not saying the SO folks are lying or even insincere, but I notice that Ben Davidson is careful to portray himself in a way that would bring onboard a lot of Christians who wouldn't otherwise be interested. Church folks don't act like other people when it comes to support and donations, and there's a huge audience he's tapping into there. On the other hand, I won't suggest he has no faith, only that what he has expressed in his daily videos indicates a syncretism that puts him firmly among pagans. He's not a fraud, but he's not a Covenant man by any means.

Again, do your homework if you feel the need to look into this question.

Addenda: Why do I still suggest that higher elevations are safer if we don't have to worry about tsunamis? The issue is pollution. When the power grid goes down, pollution controls will collapse. Pollution is worst where people live in high density, and population density always decreases with altitude. Think about the massive increase in mortality and all that comes with it. Yes, there are anomalies like Denver, CO. Still, there are very few such big cities at high altitude in the world. It's a general principle of human experience that the effects of pollution decrease as you climb in elevation.

This document is public domain; spread the message.