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Know Your Mission

28 January 2023

My expertise is in Bible and faith, not Earth Science and Astrophysics. I know what God has said about some things. Whether or not the experts take into account what God has said is their problem. Ben Davidson doesn't believe the Scripture, but uses them to support his theories. He trusts in science, and some of the evidence is a little thin. (Ben Davidson is a lawyer, not a trained scientist.)

My mission is to call people to the Covenant. As part of that, I point out where some portion of my world has failed the Covenant. The SO model conflicts with clear promises of God; I've pointed that out. It's not my mission to come up with an alternative model to explain the catastrophes that we all can see are coming.

Indeed, I rather doubt the usefulness of a highly detailed model in the first place. My conviction is that Ben Davidson is pushing too hard for a human answer to every question. That kind of thinking is not supported by the Covenant. Rather, we need a very personalized plan of faith walking forward into a future that is largely unknown.

It's not as if we should close our eyes to the facts and what they indicate. Jesus said we should count the cost, but only in terms of what we know we can do. We can't do anything about a global tsunami pattern. Few of us have the resources to plan for that; you gotta be wealthy. You'll need roughly $100k at a minimum. The SO community offers nothing that lower income folks can do. That low income population is a major constituency that I serve. Obviously there are a lot of conflicts between my mission and the one claimed by the SO folks.

But I would say the single biggest conflict is whether human survival matters in the first place. To some degree, it's out of our hands. SO takes the humanist approach on that question, that this life is all we have. The Covenant approach is that this life -- this whole existence -- is a lie. It's our prison. We have to strive to find a path out of it. It's not a question of earning your way out, but of something much more fundamental: You must recognize that it's a lie in the first place.

It's not that God lies by dropping false evidence for scientists to find. The lie is that scientists assume that the questions they address are so very critical for living here, that human mortal existence can be greatly improved, and that it's important to do so. And because that orientation on things is so deeply rooted in the Fall, God cannot allow them to succeed. What God has done is leave clues that should point out how wrong they are about the fundamental issues. The choice of Adam and Eve to embrace human capabilities as a valid source of discovering truth is the lie. Where that choice leads you is fundamentally wrong, so it yields wrong results.

It's God's mercy and grace that things aren't going to ever quite work out the way science predicts. Otherwise, we would be doomed to a false path that winds up embarrassing, instead of glorifying the Creator. The only solution is to trust the Lord and His promises, to do things His way. The model SO presents is not God's way.

You could examine the evidence SO refers to for their model of the earth's crust cutting loose from the underlying layers and spinning around so that our rotational poles move to match a relocation of the magnetic poles. That the magnetic poles are moving is not the question; that's pretty well established fact. What happens when they collide around the Strait of Malacca is pure speculation. Ben Davidson has chosen to trust essentially one single data source for the theory about the crust slipping around. There are several documents, but they all come from the same single idea, and the evidence isn't as conclusive as the people behind it would like us to believe.

If you do a search on the term "Project Nanook" on DuckDuckGo, aside from references to an ongoing Canadian defense operation, you'll get mostly two kinds of results. One is a bare mention of the original research project funded by the US government (to which the Canadian thing apparently is linked) back early in the Cold War, even before the conclusion of WW2. The other type of reference shows up in the most flagrantly bogus kind of website promoting wild stories about how humans have contacted alien beings and are cooperating in some kind of improvement of human existence for any number of reasons. That site also happens to offer an honest review of Davidson's claims, particularly the parts that are seldom elaborated in his videos. The information is not available for free from SO; you'd have to buy the expensive books to get the details.

To avoid that, you can look at this page, or perhaps this more restrained site, which also points out the wild syncretism of the Chan Thomas book, The Adam and Eve Story. The Bible becomes just another batch of man-made legends that only partially reflects some imaginary concrete reality. This is Ben Davidson's approach.

But I turn that on its head. I treat the whole SO story as mythology that may or may not partly reflect what God says He'll do.

Thus, I arrive at a much more sketchy idea about the coming solar catastrophes. I seriously doubt what SO says about the crust slipping around very suddenly. It might slip; it might not. It most certainly won't be sudden to the point of global tsunamis; that violates God's very plain promise (Genesis 9:11). We'll get some volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, but not on a global scale. However, a micro-nova is very plausible, and appears quite likely. Indeed, it's the single best explanation for the imagery in the Bible used by prophets to describe the worst catastrophes -- the sun and moon going dark, fire raining from the sky, etc. I feel certain the Lord Himself told the prophets of such things, even giving them a vision of what it would be like.

Finally, the only reason any of that strikes me as plausible in the first place is the unquestionable fiery conviction that this whole world is due for a round of unimaginable wrath from God. That same conviction tells me that this catastrophic stuff is not The End. Whatever else you make of the Book of Revelation, Our Lord warns that when Satan is loosed for his final deception of the human race, he will most certainly make genuine faith the target. He will gather all the fallen masses of the earth into a single strategic plan. It's his mission to test the saints of God, and his efforts will crescendo in a human government that very specifically attacks genuine faith in Christ.

What we see going on right now is simply not on track for that. It's entirely too random, seeking to oppress humanity at large, regardless of faith. The Jewish elite do not target genuine faith; they have been misled and have gone after cultural targets. A genuine Covenant faith suffers no loss in what they seek to destroy. It's when they start coming after Covenant teaching that we should start to believe this is The End.

And that won't happen until some significant minority of people embraces the Covenant. Not just my particular brand of teaching on the matter, it could be any kind of genuine faith teaching with Covenant boundaries. The whole point is provoking the Jews by demonstrating the Covenant promises the way Jesus did in His ministry. Without that angle, they will never fulfill their ultimate destiny in serving Satan.

I'll grant you that it's possible for things to change in the next 20 years so that we see the Jewish elite coming after folks like me. So far, the attacks have been pretty lame: a rude email here and there, but nothing more. The Radix Fidem blog has gotten a handful of comments that were deleted. If you examine older posts from previous years, the worst that happened was some silly attempts to debate theology itself. The Radix Fidem forum suffered a rash of spam postings that were eventually blocked by changing the registration policy. In other words, there has been no evidence at all that either the Jewish elite, or their typical proxies, have even noticed us.

It's not as if I have some inflated notion of how important our work ought to be. Rather, the obscurity of our teaching is a clear sign we just aren't in their sights yet. I'm also not going to say we are the only ones doing the right thing, as if Satan has only our message to worry about. Rather, the Jewish obsession with antisemitism means they aren't yet in a place of total control. Too many prerequisites are missing from the picture. My convictions witness that they still have a long way to go, and it won't happen in 20 years. Indeed, a solar catastrophe would set them back, although it could be viewed as an opportunity if they somehow manage to prepare better than the general population.

If the Jewish elite, and a significant portion of their enabling system, survives intact, then such an apocalypse could easily become their excuse to take over. They could use their strong position to blame the failures of their puppets to govern properly. Now that's a valid scenario, but it rests on their making preparations. I'm not sure how such a rush to build could be kept secret enough to pass unnoticed. They should already be about finished. Too many currently existing elite bunkers are still in the hands of the wrong people, so things would have to change a great deal in a very short time. Worse, too many of those bunkers are built wrong for the actual threat -- man-made nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction. That means too much metal and wrong locations to defend against a micro-nova.

I'm quite certain that at least some portions of the ruling elite (Jews and others) are aware of what's coming. I'm convinced they are making preparations, but what we know about looks an awful lot like bumbling. Even without global tsunamis, the death and destruction will be massive, and the human population will take a very hard drop, followed by a further decline in the aftermath. It will be worse than any post-nuclear war scenario you may have seen. I suspect this apocalypse will be a serious reset that will require a rather long incubation period (some generations) before the situation gets back to where it approaches The End.

And all of that is just where my convictions stand for now. It's not a lot of specifics, to be honest. It's more general in nature. The specificity rests on things I can actually put my hands to: Pushing the Covenant faith as the path to reduce entanglements with this world. That's my mission.

This document is public domain; spread the message.