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Keep an Eye on Them

02 February 2023

While it is wholly unlikely to ever happen, let's pretend a Jew asks me what he should repent for. Yesterday's post wasn't too specific on that; it was a review of things I've said about the way Jews operate, what part they play in Satan's game.

Do I resent the collapse of the West? Not at all. Western Civilization was a lie of the Devil from the start. More to the point, I have also renounced my Anglo-American heritage. My people have been responsible for some of the worst crimes in human history, despicable in every way, even before Jews got involved. However, I can't even say "my people" because they never claimed to be a tribe except way back in the most primitive times. Indeed, the whole sweep of northern European culture is individualist; everyone stands on their own. It is almost impossible to blame any white person for what their ancestors have done, because the single most significant trademark of whites is a refusal to act tribal. Whites don't in any way think tribal. We are all on our own.

It just so happens that Jews are responsible for the very concept of "white guilt" in the first place, and they taught it to racial minorities. It's not entirely false, just misses the point. I'll gladly explain to you that whites have been careful to give zero thought to cultural differences, always assuming that their high social trust structure, with strenuous enforcement of middle-class materialistic values, should be the norm for the entire human race, and anyone who is different is barbaric and subhuman. No, I do not resent the destruction of American culture.

What I resent is how Jews have worked so very hard to defraud Christians of genuine faith in Christ. Legalism was their unique creation. They once understood walking by the convictions of your heart; it was part of their ancient Hebrew roots. But they destroyed it, and tried to wipe it off the earth for everyone. Once they realized that the first bunch of churches were scooping up the covenant faith they had nailed to the Cross, they were highly disturbed that anyone should have any such thing. They were committed to destroying it from the face of the earth, but at least it was theirs in the first place. And these nasty Christians, including filthy Gentiles, were walking in it more firmly than almost the entire nation of Israel had done since the Exodus.

Christians had the chutzpah to follow their rejected Messiah, and were receiving the miracles God had promised those who clung to Him personally.

From the time of Paul's conversion, their vicious resentment was so bitter you could taste it in the air. But they hid it, and sent out a herd of really intelligent Judaizers to pervert the gospel teaching in the churches. When they couldn't convinced the Gentiles to embrace the Talmud (which they falsely insisted was "Moses"), they eventually began a very dirty program of introducing a thousand little flaws in the message. They would start off talking about the greatness of Jesus as Savior, but by tiny increments they kept asking philosophical questions that muddied the gospel message. They introduced concepts that could only result in legalism. They knew that making the gospel less personal and more legalistic would destroy faith.

Jews are responsible for planting the seeds of what eventually became Gnosticism, one of the worst heresies to plague Christianity. Judaizers were responsible for the licentious behavior of the Nicolaitans and other heretical sects in early church history. They were doing to Christians what Balaam had done to Israel. Over time, they succeeded. The issue of religion and teaching became less important, and Jewish espionage slowly drifted into more political efforts as Christian religion was corrupted into a political tool. And when Christian religion became a mere cultural artifact, Jews attacked culture, too. So, it's no surprise that Jews in America have always been major figures in the coarsening of public morals. It was bad enough that middle class Americans were hypocritical, but secular Jews were quite bawdy in their lack of morals.

Again, I don't resent the destruction of America in particular, nor the West in general. But I want you to be aware of how Jews operate, and how bitter is their contempt for anyone who isn't them. I want you to be aware of how they serve Satan as his biggest single weapon on this earth. You need to see it coming, how they will win their secret war against humanity. Satan is the Prince of This World, and he will deliver to them the same thing he offered Jesus in the Wilderness Temptations. Not that those offers were worth anything; Jesus didn't want any of it. Still, when the day comes in the final tribulation, Jews will lead the way. Whatever form the Antichrist takes, it will have a Jewish identity.

Thus, in a very real sense, Jews started any trouble that involved them. They had been trouble for God under the Covenant of Moses, and they have continued opposing Him and His Son. They have never been an oppressed minority; they have always provoked everyone who tolerated them. Every time they have gotten in hot water in history, it's because they started something in their standard predatory ways. They whine about persecution when anyone dares to react to their spite. And when the day comes that real serious persecution of Christ's followers arise, it will be Jews in government that will lead it. Keep an eye on them.

This document is public domain; spread the message.