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Until I Cannot

04 February 2023

The fellow who was fussing at me about antisemitism is not a covenant brother. He doesn't embrace the boundaries laid down by Jesus. He does call himself a Christian, but I don't have to buy it. Lots of Hellions make that claim.

Furthermore, he used Jewish sophistry when trying to convince me I'm evil. Now, this is something I need to talk about just a little in order to fill out the subject. You should know that Christian Zionists will use it, too. The reason the latter do so should be obvious; it's part of the foul heresy of Dispensationalism. You have to embrace the logic in order to embrace the big lie.

Let's not chase rabbits. In brief, I know historically that Jews didn't invent Dispensationalism directly. It was invented by Jesuits to protect the Pope from what they regarded as slander by early Protestants who said the Pope was Antichrist, or so the Jesuits claimed. But the Jesuits are rooted in the same people and outlook as Jews, a sort of Marrano mafia background. The founding generation of Jesuits were indistinguishable from crypto-Jews who sought to escape persecution by pretending to convert so they could infiltrate the Church. At any rate, once Dispensationalism took off under Darby, the Zionist Jews were quick to support it to the point of funding Scofield and publishing his Bible with margin notes (Oxford Press was owned by Rothschilds).

When these people make arguments, they tend to be legalistic, loaded with category errors and sprinkled liberally with ad hominem. Thus, a lot of Messianic Jews love to assert that Jesus was a Jew. That's more than merely false equivalence; it's a category error. He was a Judean under Roman Law. The Jewish leadership rejected Him. Hanging any Jew publicly on wood like that was a revocation of the victim's Jewish identity. Whatever you make of it, suggesting Jesus was a Jew in the same sense as today's predatory ethnic Jews is an obvious lie. It's the same kind of playing fast and loose with words that Jews do in accusing people of antisemitism, when all it means is that you won't kiss their asses.

Romans 14 covers it well enough: I have no concern over the judgment of anyone who isn't Christ. Since His Spirit lives in my heart, I don't have to defer to anyone other human. I don't hate Jews, but I also don't trust them. I will most certainly tell the rest of the world why and how to watch out for their predatory behavior. I will denounce Jews as a living weapon of Satan. How Jews or other people feel about all of this is simply not an issue.

Nobody has not pay any attention to me. It's an evil doctrine of western churchianity that one man's insight is binding on another. God can tell you one thing, and me another, and we can both be right with Him. Do you understand that we humans are fallen? That includes our intellects. The intellect cannot possibly grasp ultimate eternal truth. All we can do is discern what God wants us to do. How we organize that task mentally is just human thought, not divine truth. Systematic theology is not divine truth; it is merely human thoughts about truth. Two different things.

The vast majority of Jews will never come to Christ. A few will, and they will likely struggle to understand how their Jewish identity was used by Satan. I realize how hard that is to swallow. When I was studying the Ancient Near East in general, and ancient Hebrew culture in particular, I learned very quickly that Jews these days rarely have a clue about their own legacy. Jewish scholars habitually project their legalism back into the Old Testament (when they bother to read it). It's their defining trait. Even when they admit that they were intellectually Hellenized (Aristotelian logic) under the conquest of Alexander the Great, they somehow act like it was God's blessing, and is how Moses ought to have thought about things. So I always had to avoid Jewish scholars to get a more unbiased look at the intellectual history of the Hebrew people.

Jews assume their heritage is Hebrew; it is not. It was their forgotten heritage when Jesus lived. He kept trying to get them to go back to the ancient Hebrew mysticism, and they refused. So today, if you want to understand it, you need to study with secular scholars of the Ancient Near East as a whole. You'll have to get a picture of the intellectual assumptions of Mesopotamian nations and ancient Egypt. That's what Moses had learned, and it's behind the written Torah. Judaism bears only a superficial resemblance to ancient Hebrew culture.

So, Jews lie to themselves and end up deceiving everyone else. I'm going to tell the truth about such things until this blog gets shut down.

This document is public domain; spread the message.