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Strong Men

06 February 2023

There are things we cannot blame on Jews. The weapons they use were invented by someone else. Then again, we can justly blame them for how they use them, but we need to understand they aren't the only ones. It shows up in feminism, globalism, communism, etc. Satan has minions involved in every human endeavor.

And I'm not the only one who sees those weapons in use, not by a long shot. Naturally, it's all over the Bible. Folks in the Ancient Near East had a better grip on some things. They would not have allowed things to get this bad. We need strong men of God.

For those of us raised in a western society, the biggest weapon Satan wields over us is our instinctive reaction to claims of injustice. Truth: You are accountable to God alone. Sometimes it helps your mission if you can explain things to those who fall under your dominion in one way or another, or people who have invested something they value in what you are doing. But those people have no inherent "right" to an explanation if the act of trying to explain gets in the way of your mission from God. No one -- no human on this earth, nor all of them together -- can claim a "right" to an explanation. You need not justify yourself to anyone but God.

Sometimes you won't even have a good explanation for yourself. We are supposed to deny our fleshly nature, so it often drags along behind without catching up. You may never be able verbalize the issue in your own head, so it can be hard to explain to anyone else. You should try; it's a good discipline. But it's not a requirement. Rather, what is required is that you learn to obey strong convictions, whether they make sense or not.

Thus, the way that Satan's minions have created a social expectation by which you supposedly owe other people a chance to try to argue you out of your convictions is typical of the Devil's work. Let them argue with God; if you sense a drive in your convictions, obey it, with or without comment. All the more so should you brook no dissent if you know that even so much as hearing a complaint guarantees you'll get entangled in discussions with people who assume too much authority over your actions.

Let me tell you a story. I didn't learn anything about the men's Red Pill stuff until just the past decade. Nonetheless, because I had a tendency to walk by my convictions since my teen years, there were certain boundaries that were sacred, not up for discussion. I cut off several long term relationships because the females kept demanding too much choice in things that God had locked down for me. After a series of failures, I tried one more time, and found what the Red Pill community calls a "unicorn" -- a woman who instinctively understood what her mission was as my woman. And she wanted to be a part of it. We have been married ever since. Otherwise, I would have taken the MGTOW (men going their own way) path.

I'll grant you it all looks and sounds like misogyny to everyone around us. That's because our society has for a very long time defined biblical intersexual relations as "misogyny". Men must take a firm lead and not tolerate dissent on the mission. It's quite natural for women to feel insecure about this world. They have a tendency to get anxious about anything that touches their lives. Their instinct is to see everything in terms of how it affects them personally. That is what's behind feminism and the political demand for control and free choices that the Bible says are flat out wrong for women to have.

So, we face this heavy-duty scolding from our whole society. Well, we get it from Jews, as well, scolding us about refusing to kiss their butts. And you get it from communists, and a lot of other crazy cult-like collections of humans that scold us when we dare to insist on bucking the system and going where God commands. They try to seize control of the norms and expectations, and too often succeed.

If you happen to have a talent for explaining this stuff to the whiners, by all means, do so. The world needs to hear how sin is sinful. Read stuff by men who know how to say it. But if God doesn't see fit to give you the words, don't bother trying to explain it. Just tell people you aren't interested in their arguments or their feelings; you have a mission from God and they can complain to Him. Let them call you a madman or any other slanderous label. It's not your problem.

Yes, this does isolate us. Such men will face loneliness and it could mean living in poverty. There are way too few of us in America. This is the price of holiness and peace with God.

This document is public domain; spread the message.