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See What He Does

07 February 2023

Lately I've been burdened with a call to prayer.

I've seen this mentioned in other places. This isn't like the feel good stuff you read from church news and religious big shots. Rather, you catch little mentions here and there from relatively private sources, nobodies like me.

It goes like this: Pray that the Lord would come to visit. Of course, you know He's going to bring His wrath; there is so very much sin around us. But instead of praying wrath for others, you ask the Lord to start with yourself. You pray earnestly to be cleansed of your own sins. "Start with me, Lord!"

Now, of course the Lord treats His covenant children differently than random people who aren't under His Covenant. So, once you get serious about this and keep at it for a while, you should expect to see and hear about things changing in your area, and not in terms of good news. Sure, some folks will turn and rejoice in the Lord, but most will not. That's the kind of situation we live in right now.

This is not a joke. It's about the glory of the Lord. Some portion of the population out there will not turn around until they hit bottom. The greatest blessing the Lord can give them is to drive them to the bottom, whatever that means for them. When they have no place else to go, then they might seek the Lord. It's sad, but that's the way it is. Then again, the majority will never listen, so they'll just go on their merry way regardless. But you, because you are seeking His cleansing power, will see just that.

I'm not going to suggest any kind of discipline to follow, but it typically comes with the suggestion you give it 30 days at least, and some push it to 90. Just consider taking up this prayer vigil in your heart. Stay with it for a while and see what God does in your life.

This document is public domain; spread the message.