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Pray for Vision

10 February 2023

Can you feel it? Your heart should tell you that the pressure is building and something is going to break soon. Don't fear; it's going to be an adventure in faith for us. The Lord is testing, shaking His Body so everyone can see who is really attached to Him.

Several people have been discussing with me the war in Ukraine. On the one hand, the mainstream lies are suffocating. On the other hand, it's obvious that the US going to get hurt. The only question is: How bad, and in what ways? All I can offer is my own estimate. But it's for sure the Lord is giving a lot of us some kind of warning to hang on tight, and I'm convinced that our involvement in Ukraine is a major element in this.

I think we can all understand that the US has been hijacked. It started a long time ago, and it's becoming increasingly -- and painfully -- obvious. The hijackers have been intent on taking over the world and they decided that the US was the best base from which to operate. Thus, our resources have gone to undermining governments all over the world. The US did it in Ukraine with the intent to use that as leverage to do the same with Russia. The honest truth is that Russia's invasion was thoroughly justified, and the US is lying about it.

And the US is lying about how it's going. The details are complicated, but Russia is going to win, so we are left wondering just how stupid our ruling regime will get before it stops. Russia is going to hit back hard; her leaders are mostly unified in their preference for going down fighting. Destruction from war would be better than submission. And they are smarter than our media wants you to know, fine tuning their actions to meet the escalating provocations from the West.

The US in particular doesn't have the resources to win this war. Our economy is collapsing right now, and it's going to get far worse. The states are already starting to rebel, because it seems readily apparent that someone up there in the government is destroying our lives on purpose. If they really wanted to beat Russia, they wouldn't have destroyed the economy and weakened the military with wokism. There is more than one agenda at work, and it's not always clear who wants what. But it's for sure nobody in government cares what the people want.

At any rate, the globalist agenda is about to come apart, and when it does, we will suffer. This isn't going to be quick. The conflicting destructive agendas will not leave us with a clear path to collapse. We'll be jerked in different directions. But God sees it all very clearly, and while He isn't likely to tell us what's going to happen, He has promised to protect us and guide us. You should know that your convictions will never steer you wrong, but you still need to realize that your human instinct for self-preservation will lie to you about what matters. If you aren't ready to surrender everything to His glory, then you'll never understand anything.

Learn to read your convictions. Your flesh might not like the outcomes, but your convictions are always right. I spend a good bit of time each day praying and contemplating what my soul says is imperative, sometimes by testing various seemingly probable scenarios in my mind. What would God have me do in this or that case? A pattern of priorities emerges and I begin to seek ways to satisfy them. There are plenty of things for which I have no answer that I can see, and for those things I must trust the Lord to provide. I have confidence that, when the day arrives, I'll know what to do.

There is no real success goal, as most people define it. That is, "success" should mean trusting the Lord and drawing closer to Him. That's how you want to die, however and whenever death comes. And a lot of death is coming, so get the divine priorities into focus.

Note: Russia's actions are more than mere land-grabbing in Ukraine. They intend to break the Ukraine militarily so that no further attacks on the Russian-speaking population are possible. If that means beating back the new weapons we send, so be it. If that means dropping munitions on NATO targets near Ukraine, they'll do that. If it means nuking western targets, including the US, they'll do that. At that point, I'm sure China will get involved as our enemy. But at some point short of that, I'm sure the whole charade will collapse, because whoever is making the decisions intends to destroy the West in the first place. I've already outlined what I believe is going on behind the scenes: The neocons are using the globalists as cannon fodder. The globalists don't seem to understand this. And yes, "neocon" is just another label for the Jewish elite.

That's just how I see it. Pray for your own vision.

This document is public domain; spread the message.