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More Review on Jews

13 February 2023

This time I'll touch the so-called "third rail" -- the Holocaust Hoax.

One of the biggest names in "Holocaust Denial" is David Irving (Focal Point Publications). That site has lots of surprises that aren't linked on their front page. For example, Irving is closely connected to Ernst Zundel in that both of them spent time in jail for daring to tell the truth about Hitler and his ilk regarding the Holocaust. That same site hosts a very interesting Auschwitz index for research, a very long list of links.

One of the most hard-to-find sites on the Net is Whale. Among the many links they include this list of fun facts about the Holocaust, or Holohoax. Even better, let me recommend Mojeek Search, a decent uncensored search engine. Try searching the term "holohoax" and chase the links that it returns. One of the first will be Holohoax 101, an excellent site loaded with facts and sources. Scroll down for links to more pages.

The broader topic of Revisionist History is covered well at VHO. You are supposed to click on one of the flags for an index page in your language, such as this one in English. At the top of that page are some navigation links to material you can download, for example. And their links page is well worth a look. Sadly, some links are broken, or the URLs have been hijacked, but it's a good list.

The Revisionist History website is Michael Hoffman's thing. The term "revisionist history" itself is used for an awful lot more than just his personal viewpoint. However, the globalist hatred for the topic itself is deeply tinged by their hatred for Hoffman. Then again, he pushes a very traditional evangelical evangelism with all the niceness and blue-pilled male-feminist overtones. I can testify that many of his books can be found free on torrent sites like Pirate Bay.

Torrent sites are one of the most common sources of censored materials, as well as The Internet Archive. If you know the name of the author or title, you'd be surprised what the Archive offers. For torrents, you have to learn how to use a VPN and torrent magnet apps, and I'm not going to cover that here. Using the Tor Browser bundle won't hurt. Chances are good your ISP would block your research and some downloads without the bundled encryption.

The American Renaissance (AmRen) is not specifically about Jews, but the broader topic of race realism. As such, they will rather precisely dissect inflated Jewish claims to be the original children of Abraham. Now, AmRen claims to promote white ethnic interests from a high academic position, but they openly admit they avoid the question of how Jews are a threat to whites. Still, I can recommend the high intellectual basis on which they stand regarding the things they do have to say.

If this stuff is valuable to you, grab a copy. Some of it warrants printing off on paper. Still, the best way to go is to read it and absorb whatever is meaningful to you. Unless you are pretty ballsy, be careful who you allow to see this stuff. It can get you fired, and in some countries, in jail. The links I offer here aren't Nazi or white supremacy sites, despite the rhetoric labeling them so. You'd be surprised just how large is the community of folks who simply want the historical data, and are willing to take some risks to share it.

This document is public domain; spread the message.