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On Being a Lighthouse

15 February 2023

I want to recommend this article over at Zero Hedge. Yes, it's a bit long, so you'll need to set it aside until you have time to read it. (Warning: Annoying JavaScript apps will manifest on that site.)

It tells the story of how this country has been hijacked from one particular angle: institutional diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) idolatry. Yes, I'm saying that the only way to understand this hijacking is to call it pagan idolatry. As such, it is an anti-Christian movement. But that rhetoric could be misleading, since too many people don't properly understand the "Christian" part, so let's be more precise: DEI is anti-Covenant. The first generation of Christians in the Mediterranean Basin faced a government demand that they offer incense to a bust of the Roman Emperor. We are compelled at gunpoint to genuflect to the idol of wokism.

If you adhere to the Anglo-American identity, then clearly your country has been invaded by alien forces. They have seized government and all social institutions. You are now the oppressed underclass. But if you embrace the Covenant, this is nothing new. You were never a part of the established social identity, and never will be. You have taken up the Cross of Christ and fully expect all Hell to break loose in this world. This invasion was never your fight in the first place. However, it is a contextual change that calls for a renewed understanding of what the Covenant requires. How do Covenant people face things now?

Right now, most of us are nearly alone, socially isolated. We are fortunate indeed to have the Internet by which we can find and fellowship with other Covenant people. But the window on this opportunity is closing all too soon. We need to make the most of this short time remaining to come to a consensus on what our Covenant identity requires, so that our testimony can stand firm and consistent.

The Bible openly recognizes racial differences, sometimes in vulgar terms to get the point across. However, a western mind is wholly unprepared to grasp the underlying approach of the Bible. The issue is national identity, not just a matter of skin color. Scripture has no trouble allowing for individuals to be quite different from the nation to which they belong. Most condemnations are reserved for nations as a whole, and the Bible discusses the curses and defilements that people can inherit from their national background.

The Bible also notes that national curses do not hinder individuals seeking peace with God. Rather, defilement is simply a fact of life, and all of us walk through this mortal existence with varying advantages and disabilities, some not so obvious to human senses. The fundamental issue for individuals is that you bring them to the Lord to see what He wants to do about them, and what He requires of you in response. You seek from Him terms of peace that account for the blessings and curses of your forefathers. Curses are inherited, same as blessings. In this sense, the Bible is very much a race realist document.

Nothing arising from human flesh hinders people moved by the Spirit to become a covenant family. The fundamental demand is that we all renounce the sins of our ancestors, that we embrace what God intended for us to be, and stand together committed to the welfare of His people through His glory. The issue is not who is right or who is better, but what role did God assign for you today? It's a living, breathing thing that requires constant attention. You stay as long as the Lord prospers the situation. You move on when your calling no longer fits the context.

If you are a Covenant family, you are one. You stop being white, black, brown, Jew, Gentile, etc. Yes, we still drag around our fleshly condition, and we have commands from God to handle the natural differences that cannot be wiped away. There remains a tension between flesh and spirit. There can be no ideal. You must fully confess the baggage God requires you to carry, but when you stand in His Presence, none of it really matters. The issue here is learning to distinguish between flesh and spirit, as Jesus discussed with Nicodemas during that late night interview in John 3. Your foundation is the Spirit of God, but the stones are fleshly. The project is never finished in this life.

And if you enter into this from an Anglo-American background, one of your biggest problems is recognizing that you carry a lot of curses, same as everyone else from other backgrounds. If you come with the assumption that your background is inherently holy and right before the Lord, you will destroy the unity of His body and dampen His glory. The problem is not that wokism is all false, but that it's a half-truth. The real issue is not "white supremacy" but that the Anglo-American identity is just as pagan as any other national identity. The Anglo-American society was evil in its own right. White folks do need to change in order to enter the Covenant.

Granted, there are limits to how much mixing is realistic with all the baggage we bear. Here in the US, it's very hard to mix ethnic backgrounds, and I often recommend that you generally avoid it. Individuals can choose to fit in where the Lord commands, but as general guidance goes, seek to fellowship with those who don't require you to travel too far from home, or you'll waste all your energy over the nitpicking details of difference. The biblical ideal is lots of small communities that can be quite different from each other. The Code encourages realistic segregation without oppression.

Working through this is a necessary precursor for what we hope someday to see from the hand of our God: a Covenant community of faith. This is our one desire for life on this earth. It's a gift from the Father; we cannot manufacture it with our own hands. Your current job is simply getting ready for how God does things. If we are going to have true Covenant communities of faith, we need to find our place on His foundation. We must make our fleshly selves ready for what God wants to do.

We don't have that much time. The days of Internet freedom are waning fast. Take advantage, exploit the opportunity to learn about the Covenant together with others so that you'll be strong enough to serve as a lighthouse when hearts begin calling on the Lord in the stormy darkness. The tribulation will only get worse, and it will serve to sift out those who do not really belong to the Lord. There's no way I can nail down all the details, but you should already know that this calls for us to form enclaves, to separate as much as possible from the damned world around us.

Let's be a clear testimony of Covenant faith.

This document is public domain; spread the message.