Catacomb Resident Blog

A Laundry List

18 February 2023

Let's take a moment to clean up and bring divine order to the chaos.

1. I keep seeing editorials from people who are supposed to be really smart, and these editorials take the tone that Congress or some other portion of the federal government could really do some good if they would just (fill in the blank). That's when I realize these writers aren't that smart. The very notion that our government would want something good for us is preposterous. The people ruling this country are not us. Not only do they not care, they hate us. And I'm talking both major parties. Moral clarity is holiness. We need to stop acting like anyone in the government cares about us; they are the only real enemies we have.

2. And what are going to do about that? Watch and pray; testify without defiling yourself. Work toward fleeing this life and its concerns. Sure, pay attention to what's coming so you'll know how to pray, but don't act without conviction. Learn the difference between spiritual faith and fleshly nature. You hold your opinions, but your convictions hold you. Start working with your conscience; it's the fleshly interface to your heart. Your conscience will inevitably be wrong about some things, but it cannot be corrected and improved until you act on it in the first place. Walk in the light you have.

3. That train wreck in Ohio? That's one of the worst disasters to strike the US. It will needlessly kill thousands slowly over the coming years. It defiles Creation. This is not how God intended for us to do things. The government is doing it's best to cover up the whole thing because it's our enemy.

4. The demons of Hell are being unleashed on the US. Because our government acts like demons, it makes them welcome here. The line between sanity and madness is blurred at the best of times, but you need to be ready to see the darkness of crazy evil rising like a filthy polluted cloud over the land. A micro-nova will cleanse the land, if anything. Satan doesn't inhabit the earth, but the world. In biblical terms "earth" is the planet and Creation; the "world" is the mortal human interaction with Creation. When people die, there's less room for demons to operate. Thus, a mass slaughter at the hands of God will bring rest to the land, time for it to heal. God cares about His Creation.

5. Anything we do to relieve Creation of human sin will make God smile. Play the role of an agent of blessing. Holiness includes cleaning up the environment, but not in the sense of what pagan Greens believe. They consider humans a curse on the natural world. That's false; God put us here to manage His Creation, make good use of it for His glory. The truth about fallen human activity is that it poisons what God has given us, unlike godly activity. Let's be good stewards. Pick up a little trash now and then, just for the sake of God's blessing on your life. Fix things that you see around you. Contribute to the general welfare, even if only in very small ways. It's not wasted simply because people pay no heed; they aren't the ones whose notice is important. We can't change them. It's God's notice that matters. Your heart will witness to the truth.

This document is public domain; spread the message.