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No Small Thing

20 February 2023

As you know, the MSM has been either silent, or denies that it amounts to anything. I've seen quite a few hysterical rants in the alternative media about it, but so far, nothing from anyone who has done their homework.

Sorry, but all I have is a layman's familiarity with such things. I've been trying to get an estimate of the pollution coming from the train wreck in Ohio. None of the chemicals are safe, and none of the people who should have been notified even knew that stuff was being transported. I don't even know what questions to ask, but I looked up things like federal safety standards on the exposure to some of the chemicals in that mess. Safe levels are less than one part per million (ppm).

As nearly as I can figure, the entire northeastern US got a dose of that toxic incineration cloud, and some of Canada, as well. The reports are spotty, leaking out here and there. Some miles from the wreckage, cars had plastic fixtures that began to dissolve; that includes cars that were a hundred miles upwind. A whole chicken farm was wiped out. People have been suffering rashes, headaches, breathing problems, etc.

This covers a vast area home to the Amish. Think about their natural agricultural practices. Anyone with a certification for organic products will lose it.

And then there's the runoff. The entire course of the Ohio River and starting from its confluence with the Mississippi downstream to the Gulf of Mexico -- it will be toxic for years. That stuff is oily and doesn't float. It sinks to the bottom, but is light enough to be carried for miles. It breaks down slowly, releasing toxins for years. Any irrigation from that water course will be polluted, and the plants will take up the toxins. Animals that so much as get it on their skin will carry the toxins in their flesh, because it is absorbed by all living matter on contact, so be wary of eggs, milk, meat, etc., coming from that area.

This is not some minor incident. It's another part of the wider apocalypse.

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