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Dead End

22 February 2023

Our American society is a total disaster. This afternoon and evening I've been groaning in my spirit, mourning the depth of defilement. The earth itself is about ready to puke us out.

One place in particular where it shows up is at Jack's blog. While "the deti" leads on this issue in many ways, there's a consensus in the comments that a primary manifestation of the moral sickness of America is how nearly impossible it is for Christian men to get a genuine biblical marriage relationship. However imperfect American men are, the primary culprit is the pagan feminist cult that rules our land. We are so very far away from what God intended that it's not even the same universe.

Females have been so tightly wound into this cult that almost no woman in America will follow a righteous path. They are convinced that they simply must avoid marriage until they have gotten an education, traveled and whored around until they are 30ish. After failing to capture one of the top 5% of males, they finally settle for the best they can get and frequently withhold the sexual congress they so freely threw around in their teens and twenties. They consider themselves goddesses who deserve better. I defy you to find a covenant woman who didn't take that path.

My impression from reading the comments: Almost all of the men on Jack's forum have failed to find a covenant woman. Some have been, or are now, in hellish marriages with women who are not on the team with their husbands. Many of the men have already been divorced at least once, and apparently precious few of them are any better off in a subsequent marriage. And as you travel down the scale in age to younger men, it's almost guaranteed they have yet to marry in the first place.

I stand virtually alone in having married early to a "unicorn" covenant woman and still have a marvelous marriage to her. My testimony is that I came to genuine faith very early in life (age 9). By no means was I any angel, but I did keep it in my pants until I got married. Further, I went through a lot of prayer and soul-searching before I chose my bride. I didn't simply follow church guidance and fake rules about morality; I followed my own path and rejected several gals whom others told me were a good match. I followed my convictions. I have no regrets about my final choice.

The results are a reflection of God's Covenant promises. I know beyond all doubt that my faith and her faith are the reason we came together, and are together still. I know that it is faith that keeps the fire alive between us. It's the only reason we have for living.

It's this same faith that I testify will help any man in any situation of life to find a path that glorifies the Lord. Notice I didn't say faith would make all your problems go away. God men of faith still end up divorcing women they probably shouldn't have married in the first place. Good men of faith still live with women who don't understand faith. Good men of faith still can't find anyone to marry in the first place, good or bad. The question is not what the men would like to have, but what God wants them to have. And the next question is how to know what God wants and to trust Him to make you want it, too.

I came very close to not bothering with marriage. If something happened to my beloved, there would be no successor for her. My standard excuse is that I'm so spoiled, no other woman could put up with me. Of course, that's only a sliver of the truth. The real story should be obvious: I am utterly certain that there is no other covenant woman out there who is compatible. Indeed, it would be well nigh impossible to find a covenant woman at all. Things have gone downhill dramatically since my youth. The only reason I was able to marry one is God's mission and mercy in my life.

From what I can tell, most of the men on Jack's forum don't want to hear about it. More than once I've gotten some very substantial push-back, denying that faith can solve any of the problems they discuss. They prefer man-made solutions, and some prefer hopelessness (the "Black Pill") to talking about faith. They are really good on social sciences and even statistics, but they balk when I suggest that the same faith that got me a unicorn can make their lives more livable. Nobody talks about praying together over the sorrows they face. There's plenty of ranting about the problems and the mechanics of it all, but nobody wants to discuss what faith can do. Okay, there may be one or two who do, but their voices are overwhelmed by the endless nattering about how bad things are.

I've been feeling more and more out of place there. I don't have much trouble with Jack's posts, but the comments are starting to feel like a dead end. The only solution is faith, which means they can't see any solution at all.

Yes, American women as a whole are truly awful. This is a terrible situation for marriage on any terms, never mind the Covenant. Yes, I call on all people of faith to pray. I've already outlined the broader picture and how we have entered an apocalypse, with no escape for any of us, except by the miracles God offers His covenant children. Those miracles are real; they are part of our testimony. But the the primary testimony we have is how we walk within the Covenant boundaries. I don't even use that language on Jack's forum. They aren't ready for it.

This document is public domain; spread the message.