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Jews versus Nazis

24 February 2023

I've gotten a belly full of chatter from both Jews and Nazis.

We have one mission in life: to make the Covenant Life so winsome that those whom the Lord touches will embrace it. Notice that we do not move people; the Lord does. If we could move them, it would not make any everlasting difference in their lives. No human can change Eternity; we can do nothing to make dead spirits alive. That is in the hands of God alone. But for those of us so awakened, our mission is to explore the Covenant by which our Father says we must live. The Covenant is not something precise and artificial; it's a living land of opportunity and privilege. He uses our joy to advertise to the rest of His children who haven't yet seen the signs welcoming them into that Promised Land.

Christ's vision for us was that we would build a way of life that did not depend on human government for anything. Rather, we are supposed to generate a lifestyle that reflects His revelation of eternal truth. And that lifestyle includes organizing ourselves in tribal families with feudal elders and priestly ritual leaders (though our English New Testament typically uses the word "pastor" instead of priest). This is what the Scripture means by "Two Witnesses" -- the roles of clan chief/elder ("king") and priest. This is what Israel was supposed to be, but they lost their way early and often.

Part of the problem was their inability to keep a focus on that prime directive of putting forth a witness of God's ways before the world. Whether in war or in peace, whether in trade or sanctions, it was supposed to be done in a way that enhanced Jehovah's reputation. They were unable because so few of them were willing to embrace the heart bound path that was the norm for their culture. Rather, everyone kept slipping into petty worldly concerns of the flesh, which leads to enslavement in idolatry. At any time throughout their history, anyone who pursued the Covenant of Moses with full sincerity could find that heart bound path back to Eden.

So Jesus came and changed how things were done. Not everything, but select parts of the mission that didn't work out that well in practice. Instead of having to come to the Spirit of God through a concerted search of Covenant and convictions, Christ gave us His Spirit up-front. Thus, we have that eternal power to face the task of searching Covenant and convictions before we start. And instead of a national identity consistent with the mortal sphere, we seek a divine identity that is not tied to this world. Rather, we assert an eternal identity in this mortal existence. And the way we assert that is to live within the Covenant boundaries.

Do you not understand that this is how we handle every human on the planet? There are but minor adjustments in how we meet people where they are, but the underlying mission of covenant witness remains the same in all cases. That includes Jews! We present in their sight someone who has embraced what they rejected, and draw them by jealousy for what should be theirs. If they can embrace it fully, they will have advantages that no Gentile could have. They have an instinct for walking by the heart and by convictions that most Gentiles do not have. You cannot witness to Eternity by hating Jews.

The problem is that too many people who claim Christ are not fully under the Covenant nor conviction. That includes a lot of Jewish Christians, but Gentiles are certainly no better. Between these two groups still chasing their false idols, the situation is horribly confused. Most Jewish Christians appear to be still too much of the Jew. Regardless of their conscious intent, they still tend to operate as spies. Since most Christians are still roaming around outside the boundaries, that means that there are way too many people seducing believers to stay outside of them.

Satan cannot touch our eternal natures. He cannot in any way cause God's choice to be rescinded. He cannot seduce you back to eternal damnation, because you were elected before he fell. That's not his mission, nor his interest. His interest is in keeping us from the Covenant promises. So the problem is not the Jews are inherently evil; they are more in touch with the feudal commitment of the heart than any other people on this earth. But their Jewish identity blocks that. Judaism specifically blocks it, and the broad fleshly Jewish ethnic nature fights it in general. Their Jewish nature is their fleshly nature, that which must be nailed to the Cross, same as your ethnic fleshly nature.

If Paul can nail his fleshly nature to the Cross (Galatians 2:20), then so can you and I. If you wallow in the ethnic warfare of Jews versus Gentile, you remain outside the Covenant of Christ. To walk with Christ as your Lord means your fleshly identity is forfeited, and that's the same for Jews and Gentiles. We must spend the rest of our lives fighting whatever fleshly lusts still cling to us in this world. Yes, make jokes about it all you like, but your fleshly nature is your greatest enemy; it's an ally of Satan.

When I suggest that you should be distrustful of Jews who claim Christ, it's because you start off not knowing how close they are to Galatians 2:20. But it's the same for any Gentile, even yourself. You cannot trust your own fleshly nature. The issue with distrusting Jews is the vast human sorrow they have caused because their national ethnic identity is very specifically surrendered to Satan's agenda. I know of no other ethnic identity that serves Satan half so well, because that Jewish identity is particularly spiteful to the rest of humanity. This is the curse that comes with a Jewish identity. They can be your best friend in the Lord and your worst enemy in the flesh. Jews warrant particular care when dealing with them.

Thus, I believe it is a fair and just standard to distrust them until they confess and denounce the sins of their forefathers, however much they know about them. That's the standard we find in Isaiah, at the very least. We are all from a cursed background with defiled lips -- our testimony is foul. You and I must confess the evil that our forefathers have done, and renounce that ethnic identity. Jews also. I'm learning every day new evils my ancestors have done, and repenting from them. Jews must also do the same.

So if any Christian fails at some point to denounce their forefathers in the flesh, they cannot be trusted as brothers and sisters, at least not yet. Same with Jews. The only difference is what flavor of sinful nature you drag around, and against which you must fight all day, every day. Nazis were bad enough; the record of Jewish spite against the Gentile world is long and too foul for words. We don't need a formulaic test for everyone, but it should be a part of their common daily testimony that they renounce the sins of their fleshly forefathers, and pray that others help guard them against the sinful tendencies of their fleshly nature. The prophets renounced the sins of their people and Jesus certainly did so. That is the standard.

So, I reject both Jews and Nazis, and I will no longer respond to your emails.

This document is public domain; spread the message.