Catacomb Resident Blog

America Defying Reality

25 February 2023

This is the model I use to understand American politics.

In some ways, divine revelation is God explaining reality, declaring things that we could never grasp with our human senses. Thus, revelation makes demands that are quite unreasonable, but that are nonetheless consistent with what He has made. That same revelation proclaims His mercy and miraculous power so we can do it His way.

Political activity in the US completely ignores God's revelation.

The political left wing of America is deluded totally. Their ideology assumes that humans are malleable in ways they simply could never be. The left assumes there is no eternal soul, that humans do not carry a connection to a higher realm. Much of what they try to do to shape human behavior at large cannot work.

The right wing is equally stupid. It actually assumes humans are decent and good, and not really fallen. They'll pay lip service to the idea of human depravity, but they still assume that at least the mind is not fallen, that the intellect can be perfected. Thus, they believe that all they really need is to explain the logic of things. But their logic is contrary to what God says is reality.

The left wants government to be your mommy. The right wants your government to be your daddy. The problem is that their models for mommy and daddy are deeply pagan and false. American models of manhood and womanhood are quite anti-Christian. God consistently portrays Himself as an Ancient Near Eastern nomad shepherd sheikh, not some Germanic barbarian warlord, and certainly not like any woman. American feminist leftism is deeply rooted in the tribal Germanic invaders that brought down the Roman Empire; the Germanic tribes revered their women. The American right reflects a perverted mixture of Greco-Roman and Germanic materialism, climaxing with the Enlightenment.

I'll grant you that we who embrace the Covenant have more room to operate under a right-wing government, but that is hardly an endorsement. When the difference is between total blockage (the left) and a tiny crawl space (the right), our prospects are poor. Worse, even a genuine right-wing uprising that destroyed the left would still see us carrying the filthy pollution the left leaves behind. Leftism is so deeply burned into the social fabric that it's better by far that the whole thing burn to the ground.

But none of this is in our hands. Even if the number of Covenant people was large enough, we would never be able to take over and clean up the mess. It's the nature of things; our God says reality as we experience it cannot be healed. It is inherently defiled. The best we can hope for is enough separation to obey the Lord while still somehow engaging the rest of the world.

Note: It's not nature that is broken, but human nature. Creation is fine, but is subjected to the defiling mismanagement of fallen humanity. However, Creation itself is deeply instilled with God's moral character. At some point, it will rise up against us. That's the hand of God at work.

So the cleansing hand of God will inevitably take hand of us. You should sense that directly in your convictions. Still, we have plenty of factual evidence pointing to a series of cascading judgments from the hand of God. The globalists and neocons cannot win. Worse, they are totally unable to see that. There will be major sorrow and suffering from their last ditch efforts to force their agendas. At the same time, God's wrath will fall from the skies and the earth will be cleansed directly. The land will have rest for a time. It's all promised in the Word, and His wrath is already here.

Don't be a fool for either side in human political warfare. Both sides are lying about what we can actually do, and where things could possibly go.

This document is public domain; spread the message.