Catacomb Resident Blog

Until It's Ripe

26 February 2023

If we understand that Satan is God's Punisher, it helps us get a better picture of the coming years of tribulation.

On the one hand, the final strike of wrath will be God's hand alone. That's the expected micro-nova of the sun, along with all that entails. The galactic electromagnetic, gravity and dust wave is the root cause of the coming solar catastrophes, and it promises to bring other woes. But the galactic wave is light-years in amplitude, and it's light-years across. We won't experience that wave as a sudden sharp "bang" of activity. It will take years to pass through our solar system. Thus, the gravity effects are already hitting us, in that Earth's electromagnetic shield is dropping and the magnetic poles are wandering out of their normal place. Things have quite a ways to go yet. Current estimates are the twenty years I keep mentioning. Meanwhile, the dust cloud has not reached its peak density. We are in for a long rough ride, and God is doing this directly as His periodic wrath against human sin.

Side note: Scientists have recently noticed that there has been some activity at the core of our galaxy. They have found evidence that the black hole there has in relative recent history swallowed a large mass. They speculate that it should result in a brilliant visible flash of light. That light has been traveling our way for a very long time, and should reach us here in about 10-12 years. Nobody can estimate whether the energy level will be enough to do any damage when it arrives, but it's plausible that it could add to our woes. Again, this is God's hand directly.

But there are plenty of things God relegates to the Devil. That's where most of the more obvious sorrows have been coming. Satan's primary mission is to deceive God's eternal children and tempt them with various enticements to abandon their Covenant heritage, to do things any way imaginable except God's way. To accomplish this, Satan has control over the vast majority of the human race. We've noted in the past that Jews are his particular personal favorite. Theirs is a multi-generational ethnic predation on the rest of humanity. They seek to enslave the whole population of the world. But it's all a lie; Satan cannot deliver on any of the "covenant" promises he has offered them.

But it's not as if Satan didn't also invent Western Civilization as another of his great lies, along with the heritage and background of every pagan nation in the world. Everything rooted in human ambition in mortal flesh is just another flavor of the same big lie, that humanity can accomplish things worth doing in this life. That's why we must ensure we understand that human mortal existence is a lie in and of itself. This mortal existence is not how it's supposed to be, but it's what we get with our choice in the Fall. Eating from the Tree of Judgment means losing access to the Tree of Life.

The biblical view of time is not a matter of measuring the passage of time itself. Rather, everything is primarily a matter of ripeness. He's in no hurry. We should expect our God to take it slow, waiting for the right moment to bring things to a conclusion before the fruit is harvested. He's always been rather patient about things, giving us time to repent so He can put us in a better position to ride out the storm.

The best thing He can do for us to take us Home to be with Him. This life is not what He made us for. It's full of sorrows, deceptions, losses and death. However, He typically reveals to us that His glory has made plans for us here. The only honest thing He can do in this fallen world is to glorify Himself. That's always in Creation's best interest at large, and it's in our interest individually. So the one wisest path for any of us is to seek His glory, specifically His plan to glorify Himself in our individual lives. Sometimes that's a short life, and sometimes it's very long. Sometimes it's a hard-scrabble life and sometimes it's pretty comfortable. He has programmed you to handle all the millions of minute tweaks He could offer. There is a sense in which your best bet is to figure that out and apply yourself to His glory. Delight yourself in His choices for you.

There is a sense in which you want to earn a first class ticket Home, not be forced to ride Home in shame in the baggage car. Whatever it is He plans for you is a privilege; it's up to you to embrace that truth and make the most of it.

The only thing sad about human death is that we are fallen and must experience it. There is nothing -- nothing -- in this life that we lose when we die. This life is not precious; it's only value is the opportunity to glorify Him. Granted, there are people out there whose lives are precious to you while you are here, but there is no loss in leaving this world. As someone else has said, "Death is just a circumstance." Even more so are we cavalier about the stuff we have in this life. All of it can be taken; all of it can degrade to nothing. You may have some really good tools, and even some toys, to support your mission in this life, but you need to learn how to shield your heart from sorrow at the loss of any material thing. And you should face death with aplomb.

But all things in due time. We are privileged under the Covenant to see the end of governments, civilizations, and most of the human race, if we live through the coming catastrophes. We shall see just how the prophetic warnings and promises of God come true in an ultimate sense. We are witnesses to His Word and His glory, and how we handle this apocalypse is very, very important for His glory. Keep watching; it will take years for some of it. Receive His gift of patience; wait until the fruit is ripe.

This document is public domain; spread the message.