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Realistic Threat

05 March 2023

You can call it a hobby-horse, but I believe that we cannot emphasize this enough: the US government is at war with its citizens. Until you can grasp that and make it a primary reflex in your thinking, you will too easily lose track of what's going on around us. Today I want to share a couple of links to help you embrace the reality of this.

First is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in a long video interview describing the mechanism of the vaxx as a bioweapon, and especially how it works over a number of months to hide the actual cause of disease and death from it. I generally hate most of these videos for being larded with chatter that is propaganda in itself. There's a little of that here; by no means do I share the agenda of these two women. However, Dr. Tenpenny is very good at explaining how the vaxx is so destructive in layman's terms. The other useful item is their discussion of how government agencies use leverage to compel "voluntary" compliance, despite having lost so much credibility.

The second item is how the domestic bird flu culling is such a big lie. (Warning: the site uses a highly annoying jScript popup to manipulate you into subscribing. Just click "continue reading".) The author describes the history of how Bird Flu became such a big issue in government policy, including the ham-fisted "science" of testing for possible pathogens with no apparent consideration of how DNA works. The net result is that we have a mass slaughter of food animals based on very flawed and panicky "science". And the worst part is that the government scientists know better; they are flat out lying, but they are paid to starve us.

The author goes on to link this whole project to other fowl, and similar deadly policies in Peru. You can be sure there's evidence for a similar agenda in other countries, but the article is already long enough. There's also the US hyping of the threat of Bird Flu infecting other species to lay the groundwork for claiming the flu has moved to humans. There is an ongoing effort to cover up other sources of avian respiratory illness, such as toxic fumes from oil spills. There is also Big Pharma trumpeting their research into new kinds of flu vaccines.

This is a picture of what we can expect from the coming tribulation. Please don't go off on wild tangents about religious persecution. Yes, we have some of that, but the primary threat is the broad based hatred for everyone who isn't part of their inner party. This is just the politics of oppression at large.

Nor do I not cite these examples to drum up activism. None of us are in a position to derail this kind of thing. Rather, the whole point is that you get a realistic understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. You won't be caught off guard by dramatic efforts to oppress, nor the response of the oppressed, and you'll know better how to pray.

This document is public domain; spread the message.