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Avoid Politics

08 March 2023

The original purpose of this blog back when it started out on Blogger was to help a few of us prepare for the coming apocalypse. From the start I warned that we would face persecution, but that it would not be for our faith. Indeed, it's church folks who give us more hassle than the secular or pagan mainstream. But our faith will surely put us in the government line of fire aimed at some wider target. If we resist sin, we cannot avoid provoking our rulers.

This comes from our understanding of why Dominion Theology is a lie from Hell. (The Wikipedia article about it is just fine.) Dominionism is all dressed up in biblical language, but it brings to the Bible an a priori assumption that we must rule in this world, something Jesus flatly rejected. This is the old lie of Pharisaism and False Messianic Expectations; it was part of the Temptations of Christ. This fallen human existence has been turned over to the Prince of This World. You cannot rule politically without his backing. Jesus said it Himself: "My Kingdom is not of this world."

As I've said before several times, it is theoretically possible to have a genuine Christian government, but it requires a strong adherence to the Covenant, which means a law and government based on the Code of Noah. Anything less is a rejection of Christ's teaching. I don't see anyone advocating that, so the question remains purely theoretical. By the way, Dominionism is firmly western rationalist and its advocates have expressed contempt for the Hebrew outlook.

In other words, the Dominionist position is a giant lie. Any pretense of asserting a Christian influence in government, never mind a Christian dominance, is nothing more than what both the Roman and Orthodox churches have sought since the beginning -- to become the secular government. It's the old seduction Constantine used to sucker the early church leaders into compromising the spiritual nature of the gospel message.

And this kind of deception continues to be Satan's lure to draw Christians out of the Covenant boundaries. For example, do you know that almost all so-called "Nazi" organizations in the US are fake? Most of them are run by FBI agents. I've seen graffiti advocating the Patriot Front, but it's just a bunch of FBI agents looking to sucker wannabe Nazis into their hands. The same goes for any number of so-called "patriot" underground organizations that are not openly racist. Further, the vast majority of the agitation I and others face online from these "patriots" comes from government agents. They aren't very good at hiding themselves.

They are everywhere, and if you seek to get involved in any kind of organized effort to resist the government, you can be sure a government agent is already involved. That alone is reason enough to be very cagey about it. And it's for sure no one alone could ever be in a position to do any significant political resistance. People no longer have any idea how to keep operational and communications security about such things. All they know is the Internet, where surveillance is nearly absolute.

I'm not trying to hide from the government. It serves no purpose at this point. Should the persecution begin to specifically target faith, that would be a different story. We are not forced to reside in the catacombs just yet. The resistance unto bloodshed is still out there somewhere.

So, for now our preparations are rather generalized. I'm calling believers to embrace the Covenant consciously. Once you've begun to live by Covenant and conviction, then we can begin discussing ways we can prepare for the coming solar catastrophes, and some man-made catastrophes, as well.

I fully realize that this message marginalizes us from the mainstream. There's nothing we can do to change that. If I had the money, I could not buy the advertising to draw attention to this alternative message. It's in God's hands to get their attention. The Lord has indicated His intention to bring down His wrath and drastically reduce the human population, since it's obvious He has no use for majority as they are. We cannot save them; all the compassion of God Almighty in His Son does not touch their hearts. Nobody embraces His Covenant.

This document is public domain; spread the message.